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Review: Super Junior’s ‘너라고/It’s You’ MV

May 12, 2009

I totally TOTALLY love Super Junior’s MV for “It’s You.” It’s not super flowery or anything, and that might be why I like it

One thing I noticed about the MV and song was that it seemed like SM was saying sorry for a few things people were irked by in their last album.

I almost wanted to laugh out loud when Kibum started off the video, but only because SM is trying so hard to make the guy look like he still cares about the group. Hey, maybe he does and it’s just his company that’s holding him back… whatever. No matter the reason, it still seems awkward to see Kibum these days.

It’s also really odd that everyone gets equal face time, but I really like that. I couldn’t help but notice people like Heechul got a little more singing than “Sorry Sorry” haha. They can no longer complain about only having a few seconds to sing… wait… that’s still an issue, right? XD But hey, Shindong sang! It was awesome.

I seriously loved the dancing in this video. UGH, the choreography was really smooth and it makes me want to hug SJ’s resident dancers more than normal. And was it just me, or did Eunhyuk look a little like Onew did in “Noona Is So Pretty”? Haha, I thought so. I wanted to squish him though, because omg so cute.

The last thing I have to say is:


And also, I loved Hankyung’s scenes omg.

(P.S. I really like the song.)

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