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Big Bang’s 2% CFs and a fan-MV

May 15, 2009

Today I saw Big Bang’s four 15-second CFs for 2% (flavored water) and I loved them so much I made an MV out of them. I set them to Epik High’s “Slave,” which is such an awesome piece. It’s not really a song, but rather poetry set to music.

Here are the original CFs for reference:
Type A: G-Dragon and Seungri; Type B: TOP; Type O: Daesung; Type AB: Taeyang.

If you didn’t catch it yet, the theme of the CFs is blood type. In the US, most people don’t even know their blood types (I sure as heck don’t), but blood type is often seen as an indicator of certain personality traits in Asia. According to Wikipedia, the blood types give way to the following characteristics:

Type A: Best traits: Earnest, creative, sensible. Worst traits: Fastidious, over-earnest. (G-Dragon and Seungri)

Type B: Best traits: Wild, active, doer. Worst traits: Selfish, irresponsible. (TOP)

Type AB: Best traits: Cool, controlled, rational. Worst traits: Critical, indecisive. (Taeyang)

Type O: Best traits: Agreeable, sociable, optimistic. Worst traits: Vain, rude. (Daesung)

I think it’s pretty interesting, and it does make me curious as to what my blood type is. Even though I don’t hold any stock in this sort of thing, the traits do seem to match up with Big Bang pretty well.

Do you know what blood type you are? Is the description accurate of you?

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