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‘Boys Before Flowers’ Commentary – Episodes 18 & 19

May 16, 2009

Two episodes commentaries this time. They’re both a bunch shorter than normal, so it’s the length of one combined.

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

Episodes 18 & 19. Spoilers!

Episode 18:

HOMG, I feel so nervous starting this back up after taking such a long break.

Hopefully I remember how to do this, and hopefully I won’t go overboard. I really just want to record basically feelings and thoughts about the show without being excessive like I know I have often been in the past.

I think one reason I have been procrastinating about finishing this show is because of how the last few episodes have been ending: DEPRESSING. I can only take so much drama before I roll my eyes and get impatient. Let’s give it another go though!

*Puts on drama hat.* I now am ready to look at the world of Boys Over Flowers as if it was serious and real.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 18

Dies, the scene where Jaekyung is trying to be all ~sexy~ and ~seductive~ and hug Junpyo is so embarrassing. I wish I was the type who could fast forward things and stand it.

OH JUNPYO. I LOVE YOU. “The man who is right for you is out there somewhere.” And he finally admits that there is someone he likes. How will this turn out? Will Jaekyung believe him?

Jihooooo~ you love Jandi! It’s so obvious lol.

BUT LMAO, it seemed like he grabbed his guitar from out of nowhere. Ajkdfds and it made Jandi fall asleep.

I can totally relate that Jaekyung’s bingeing.

OMG, did she realize it was Jandi that Junpyo likes?!

Woobin? WTF? He’s getting his own emo scene lol. This is so random. Just a flashback though. I guess he’s embarrassed by being in the mafia LMAO.

Meanwhile, Yijung is getting ridiculously wasted. And his hand was stepped on. But Woobin to the rescue!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 18

A new day… with Junpyo missing. What will happen?

OMO, Jaekyung misleads Jandi and Jihoo. STINKER! She knows that will be hurtful to Jandi. “Historical night” my butt.

At least Jihoo and Jandi get to relax a little when Jaekyung leaves.

LMAO, so mystical. “That girl (Jandi) will give you (Jihoo) a family.”

Ahh, Jihoo’s grandpa is sick.

Jaekyung is plowing ahead with the relationship I guess! And she certainly does understand a bit about Junpyo. However, he’s still got Jandi and her family on his mind.

Oh no! Yijung’s hand is really messed up, apparently. “It’s over.” :O

Junpyo and Yijung are having a weird convo. Junpyo finds out how Jandi has a bum arm and can’t swim anymore. Yijung is being really emo.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 18

Omg Jisun song! LOVE. It’s perfect for this really sad scene where Junpyo is feeling terrible that Jandi had to stop swimming due to him.

AW, that one guy (I always forget his name–JP’s mom’s underling) is so sweet.

OMMMMG, Junpyo goes to visit Jandi! OMG. Haha, Junpyo is Jandi’s new neighbor diessss I love this.

Ohhh, Ga Eul is so brave! She just asked Yijung on a date. And she told him she liked him! U go gurl~

Yijung said no, but he’s pretty worked up.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 18

Wah, having Junpyo and Jandi live next to each other gives way to lots of moments together. And Jandi seems a little perkier? More like herself?

LOL, Jandi is drawing Jihoo while he sleeps. Sneaky!

What else is sneaky is how Jaekyung pulled Junpyo close to her lol.

The upcoming episodes look interesting… I hope they’re enough to keep me going!

Episode 19:

Another day, another episode to watch.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 19

Jaekyung is officially in high-gear. She doing her darn hardest to get Junpyo on board with the engagement.

Uh oh, what is Yijung up to? Dude, don’t toy with Ga Eul or I will mentally kick your butt. Is he trying to make her hate him? Wtf? This is so hard to watch. Girl, just get out of there. Yessssss.

Okay, so what seems to be going on is… Yijung is using Ga Eul as a prop? AWKWARDNESS ABOUNDS. BUT YES, GA EUL IS AWESOME.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 19

Jaekyunggg, you are such a sneak. She is purposely visiting Jandi with Junpyo so she can show off their relationship.

Ruh-roh! Jihoo’s grandpa came upon him in his office. What will happen? Jihoo-pa says sorry, but Jihoo says it should have been said 15 years ago.

So sad ;__;

Omggg Jihoo/Jandi. I don’t ship them but they are so sweet together. He just grabbed her hand!

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 19

Junpyo is waiting for her to get home, aw.

Jandi made Jihoo breakfast. That is beyond adorable. LOL DOES IT TASTE BAD? His face when he tasted the porridge was so ambiguous.


LMAO, Junpyo eating uncooked ramen is so freaking hilarious.

Nooo, he’s being dragged away. And Jihoo sees.


Ugh, it’s so frustrating dealing with Madam Kang.

OMG SO ADORABLE, Jandi’s friends are going to help her fix the place up (or have they already)! I’m having a hard time believing there is no awkwardness between Yijung and Ga Eul though.

Who knew rich people could be handy too! LOL! They got them some cool stuff though. The place looks pretty cheery.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 19

I love Junpyo so much haha. He is so bad at masking his delight at the thought of visiting Jandi, even if it’s with Jaekyung.

BUT! Jandi is spending time with F3 and Ga Eul. Could there be a more awkward meeting?

Yijung: “Doesnt’ it feel like we’re at an MT?” MT OMG. I KNOW WHAT THAT IS.

Truth or dare… and Jaekyung wants in omg.

Whaaat, they’re doing kisses haha. On the forehead, clearly, because Woobin flicks with force enough to dent a can.

Yijung, thanks for making things so freaking awkward haha. “Awkward” seems to be the definition of this episode.

Man, everyone is asking hard questions tonight. Jihoo asks Junpyo, “If the person you love is having a hard time because of you, would you let her go?” That’s his way of trying to give him a hint. Of course, Junpyo says, “no.”

WOW, and Junpyo is so freaking BOLD. He reminds her of the promise she made forever ago, to not let his mom be the reason for their breakup. OUCH, Jandi says those people don’t exist anymore.

And Jandi lightens the mood considerably by asking the classic question to Woobin, “If F4 were girls, who would you marry?” LMAO, dies.

Jaekyung, when they’re away from the party, asks Junpyo whether he would choose love or friendship. “Both.”

What the freaking heck? People are tearing the place down while Jandi and Kangsan are still inside!

Wow, Yijung is visiting Ga Eul while she works on her pottery skills. I sense trouble ahead though!

So saaad, Kangsan has to leave.

LMAO, the bloopers are so cute. I love how Hyun Joong is all, “Sorry, noona!” HAHA, it’s so funny to hear that.

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  1. May 25, 2009 7:41 am

    can u tell me what episode when ji hoo borrows the phone of yi jung and calls ga eul??

  2. May 25, 2009 11:25 am

    It’s episode 10, near the end 🙂

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