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13-year-old Yoo Sung debuts

May 18, 2009

There is no way better way to feel old when you are relatively young than to look at up and coming talent in the entertainment industry. They like to debut kids earlier and earlier, I swear.

The person to spur on sweat-beads from a 21-year-old like me is the youthful Yoo Sung, who turned 13 today. In Korea. Meaning, he is still 12 in the US. Mind = blown. Well, I mean, it wasn’t really blown until two things happened: when I realized he was born in ’96 (uh, yeah, in ’96 I was 9), and when I heard his debut song. The boy doesn’t sound AmAzInG, but he’s pretty darn good for such a young one.

Sure, the song probably could have done without the vocoder, and Yoo Sung could also have done with a few more years of training. But people like it when young people perform well, so I think Yoo Sung has something of a future if he keeps jumping through the hoops his company puts out for him.

As a side note, I think he looks a tad like Kim Jong Gook in that pic lol.

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