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‘Boys Before Flowers’ Commentary – Episodes 24 & 25

May 19, 2009

I finally finished!

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

Episodes 24 and 25. Spoilers!

Episode 24:


Wahhh, poor Ga Eul. I wonder what Yijung is thinking.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 24

Junhee has been taken to the mysterious man… I keep thinking I have ideas about who he really is, but I won’t say anything until I really know. Is it…? (P.S. this is way more intriguing than the Japanese version as of now because they have weird stuff like this.)

YES! That’s who it is! It’s Junhee and Junpyo’s dad! SO FREAKING AWESOME.

DANANAAAAA! This serious has the makings of a pretty good soap. “HOW COULD YOU TELL ME THAT THE FATHER I LOVE WAS DEAD?!”


And now Jihoo is having hallucinations! What next? 😉 But I think it’s funny how every time someone looks at or turns on the TV, Jandi happens to be on that very moment. So yeah, now Jihoo knows where Jandi is!

President Kang’s kids are turning her, refusing to call her “mom.”

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 24

No matter where Jandi goes, it seems like Jihoo is always her knight in shining armor. WHOA, Junpyo is there too! Silently watching~

Hmm, is Jihoo going to propose? Yeah, pretty much. It’s a sad thing, because Jihoo really is a good guy, and Jandi DOES like him. She just doesn’t love him like she does Junpyo.

And they hug, because Jandi is sad about all of this, and of course stalker-Junpyo sees and probably misunderstands.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 24

Yikes, there is that creep who is pacing in front of Jandi’s house. I think he wants to kill Junpyo D: HOWEVER, he thinks JIhoo is Junpyo… sooo… Junpyo pushes Jihoo out of the way and gets hurt D: D: Either way it’s sad.

LOL, whenever I call 911, of course all I say is, “My friend is dying!!!!!!” and then hang up. JK, that’s being harsh, but you know haha. It just sounded funny.

Aw, President Kang is feeling sadness.

Jihoo went back home? Well, he did have a pretty crappy day.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 24

Time passed… Junpyo is awake. And lollerskates, he doesn’t remember Jandi.

It’s so funny that Junpyo is “falling” for Yumi. She’s constantly praising him. I love that Jihoo basically ignores her haha. I remember that a lot from the J-drama, and I always liked that…

Omg, he’s starting to remember something…

WAH YUMI I HATE YOU SO MUCH. “HC,” Hospital Couple 😡

Episode 25:


Boys Before Flowers - Episode 25

Junpyo looks like he’s remembering when he looks at the lunchbox…

UGH, Yumi is such a liar. I hate her… lol.

Yijung is leaving? At least he and Ga Eul will meet again.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 25

LMFAO, Yumi is so annoying. Rawr. Seriously, her and Junpyo fall asleep in 30 seconds? Anyway, she’s very passive aggressive. It’s irritating. She’s also really manipulative. LOL, I still have carrying over resentment from the Jdrama. Where is President Kang when you need her?

How will Junpyo remember her?

P.S. What the heck kind of pool party is it where they just sit around a pool lmao?

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 25

Whoa, Junpyo says he doesn’t know how to swim.

Jandi’s plan is kinda brilliant. BUT LMAO, so dramatic. Seriously, this scene is very unrealistic, but it still pulls at your heartstrings.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 25

LOL, every time Junpyo calls Jandi out, she never hears what he says.

Aw, Jandi’s dancing with all the F4 guys 🙂 AWWWWWWW, she says Jihoo is her soulmate.

4 years later! I usually hate it when they do this, but this time I can stand it. I’d be really rather irritated if they got married when she was straight out of high school. That is so un-Jandi like.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 25

And Ga Eul! She looks so grown up.

AW, Junpyo’s dad os awake and getting better.

Whoaaaaaaa, is Junhee the president now? Or what?

YIJUNG! He’s back from Sweden. OMGOMGOMG, so cute!

What, did Jihoo become a doctor?

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 25


Wah though, I loved it. Even though that end was complete cheesecake, it was cute.

Man, I really lost energy for writing at the end, but I’m glad I pulled through and actually made an effort. Hopefully I can stick with a series next time I plan on doing something like this! I know I will try.

Thanks for anyone who’s taken the time to read any of these commentaries. It’s been a lot of fun for me to share the Boys Before Flowers experience with you!

I will definitely give you more thoughts when I do my review, but… I guess I should say a few things here, because I don’t like to be too spoilery in reviews.

I don’t think this series was perfect, but this version made me really happy. I loved this Junpyo so freaking much, and as cheesy as the ending was, I thought it was pretty decent. In some ways the Korean version was a bit more realistic than the J-drama, and I appreciated that. I’m glad Junpyo and Jandi didn’t get married immediately, and that not everyone had a happy-happy end. I mean, they kind of did, but it wasn’t like they had to pair everyone off exactly. Junpyo’s mom was a lot more vicious in this version, but you could also believe her a tad more than the one in the J-drama because she was consistently mean.

Ahh, I actually can’t seem to gather my thoughts about it completely. I just know that I enjoyed it, despite its flaws. What did you think?

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