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‘Boys Before Flowers’ Commentary – Episodes 20 & 21

May 19, 2009

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

Episodes 20 & 21. Spoilers!

Episode 20:

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 20

A’ight, I saw the previews. I know Yijung is gonna blow a gasket in a second. He is going to see the little thing he made his first love way back and then… *Waits.* Here it comes…

Ga Eul: Wtf bbq?

Have to hand it to the girl. She can put two and two together btter than I probably could.

OMG sad, Jandi, are you going to be homeless?

Jihoo’s watching/stalking his grandpa.

HAHA, Jandi becoming a maid is not that funny; having Jandi become a maid in Junpyo’s house is a little funny; having Jandi wear a ridiculous cos-play-esque outfit is REALLY funny.

I’m loving this episode so far. It’s really fun! I can’t wait to see how Junpyo reacts to Jandi being his maid haha. It was pretty amusing in the Japanese version.

LMFAO, I’m basically dying over this. It’s just too funny. Junpyo looks super freaked out to see Jandi. I’m loving it. Jandi is hating it.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 20

Junpyo, evidently, is also loving it. He looks like his old, Jandi-tourturing self. Oh Junpyo, you are the cutest. The cheesiness of this episode is almost too much to bear! It’s so over the top! But… I love it. Oh Lee Minho, you are the prettiest. I think I am going to screen cap your face and tile it all over my desktop.

AHAHA, brb dying:


Here comes stalkery Yijung! LMAO. It scares me. And poor Ga Eul is heartbroken.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 20

LOL at Jandi and Ga Eul sighing in unison the next day. Then Jaekyung comes! Haha! I love the nervous laughing between Ga Eul and Jandi because of where Jandi’s staying. Poor Jaekyung is oblivious to so much.

Drama!! Jihoo’s grandfather “knows his own disease.”

Omg Jandi, you are so scheming. She’s getting Jihoo’s grandfather to move in with Jihoo haha. AND SHE’S MAKING IT LOOK LIKE SHE IS THE ONE MOVING IN. HAHA! But… then it is revealed! What will happen omg?

I think it is really cute that Junpyo is eating dinner with Woobin hehe.

I wonder if Jandi thinks she can get away with her stunt by being very very cute. She certainly is smiling like crazy haha.

LMAO, Junpyo is paying Jandi to watch a movie with him. SRSLY dying, cause this is that movie that Kim Bum was in haha. I know because I see one Nam Gyuri.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 20

LOL, Jaekyung is coming. Okay, what is so hard to watch about this is that Jaekyung really does like and care for Junpyo… and I think Junpyo might like her too if there never was a Jandi. But Just as Jaekyung can look at a sleeping Junpyo and feel overwhelmed by affection, the same happens for Junpyo with Jandi. What can you do about that? Someone is going to get hurt.

Back to Jihoo. Awww, his grandpa made him breakfast. Breakfast for two, and it’s so cute. But Jihoo doesn’t want any of it 😦 Well, not until later. LOL, neither of them ate their lima beans. They are ~so~ related.

Uh oh, somehow Jaekyung found out that Jandi was staying at Junpyo’s. PHEW, it was just a dream. But still.

Ah, Jandi is too good. She’s pulling Jihoo and his grandfather together somehow. I love how everyone at the office loves Jihoo to death. And omg, he’s playing “사랑밖에 난 몰라” on the harmonica! I love that song omg.

Ga Eul has stumbled upon Yijung sleeping… and she proceeds to blast him. I love it. She is so honest and I have to say that she completely rules as a character.

Omg Junyo/Jandi moment…. but GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP. JAEKYUNG. LSDjflsdfjsd. No. words. Forserious. Nowords.

The next episode is so intense looking, sheesh.

Episode 21:

I must say, it’s time for me to grit my teeth and get through the embarrassment this show is. Still. *Hides.*

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 21

Oh my gosh, the situation is even worse than they led us to believe. Not only did Jaekyung find out that Jandi was a maid for Junpyo/canoodling with him, HIS FREAKING WITCH OF A MOM WALKS IN. And considering the previews… we are in for a cheery episode. Or not. Dies dies dies diesssssss. Well, this should be interesting. The housekeeper woman saves Jandi! But LOL, JP’s mom looks at him like he planned the whole thing.

So, it seems like Jandi is in the clear for now. However, she has to have a talk with Jaekyung. *Nervous.* But so far, it seems like Jaekyung is pretty understanding. Nothing like Jandi’s nightmare. “I won’t give up on Junpyo,” says Jaekyung. At least she’s not pitching a fit. It seems like she’s going to work something out with Madam Kang though.

Da-na-naaaa! Yijung’s first love is with his brother. Double betrayal! It doesn’t seem like his brother was hiding it from him though… but I have to feel bad for Yijung all the same.

There is so much awkward going on at Junpyo’s house haha. It looks like Jaekyung is moving in. And then there is a wedding invitation!! Oh Junpyo, your life is full of suck.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 21

Jaekyung in a wedding dress! Yeesh, it’s hard to watch because Jaekyung is so likable and she seems somewhat desperate about the situation, but you can’t help but feel for Jandi more. Oh dear, and then Jaekyung goes and asks Jandi to be her maid of honor… and Jandi says YES. The situation just makes me sad.

It seems like Jihoo and his grandfather are making headway in their relationship. Omg so sad, Jihoo is crying.

LMFAO, Jihoo’s grandpa is trying to set Jihoo and Jandi up. And haha, cuteness! Wedding dress/cutest couple contest. So fun. Man, I’d do this if I saw it. Maybe not for meat though. Okay, so the meat is the third place prize haha. Oh man, Jihoo is so cute about it. “I’m bored!” HAHA. Of course, he wears the most bizarre suit of all.

Lol, people recognize Jihoo as “an F4.” OMG SO CUTE, Jandi gave Jihoo a peck on the cheek. It was the most popular picture too haha!

Hehe, even though they one 1st (a trip to Jeju Island), Jihoo went and traded for the meat.

Hmm, it seems like Jihoo is entertaining thoughts about really marrying Jandi. Cute.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 21

Now they’re on their way to Jeju, where Junpyo and Jaekyung are supposed to get married. Gotta say… it’s beyond me as to how they got their cars there. And how Yijung and Ga Eul still manage to get along LOL.

Junpyo stands on a windy balcony, looking fiercely depressed/semi-doomed.

Meanwhile, Jandi and Jaekyung have a semi-heart to heart. Jaekyung really is a sweetheart. I feel sad.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 21

Ga Eul is making me super jealous because she is walking through a field of flowers and I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT.

Jun Hee is a good sister.

Junpyo just asked Jihoo to hit him, and he did.

Jaekyung and Junpyo meet up for an intense conversation.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 21

Ahh, this is so nerve wracking. I know how it will end, but all of this in-between stuff is so sad and hard to watch. It’s hard because there is no way everyone can be happy. At least two people, whether it’s Junpyo and Jandi, or Jaekyung and Jihoo, are going to end up very sad.

WOW, I wasn’t even expecting the end of the episode. It snuck up!

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