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‘Boys Before Flowers’ Commentary – Episodes 22 & 23

May 19, 2009

It’s another one! Annoyed yet? 😛

Fangirltainment - Boys Before Flowers Commentary

Episodes 22 & 23. Spoilers!

Episode 22:

I’m moving straight from episode 21 to this one. There is no way I can just sit and wait lol.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 22

Wtf, Jandi is being kidnapped?

UGHHHHHHHHHH hate hate hate. This is beyond frustrating. The fact that Junpyo has no control over his own life hurts me. He is not much less than a well-provided-for slave.


zdfldjflajdlkfjds HAPPINESS. Jandi and Junpyo are now together on a boat.

LMFAO I LOVE GA EUL! She is crying with happiness. “Jaekyung unni is so cool.”

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 22

Poor Jihoo 😦 Jaekyung went out to meet him though. I wonder why? She gave him Jandi’s necklace.

LMAO, awkward atmosphere between Junpyo and Jandi… I wonder why. LOL. The cheesiness of this episode totally makes up for all of the depressing stuff that’s been happening recently lol.

Junpyo’s family life = so sad.

Yay, everyone’s having a fun lunch together.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 22

Jaekyung’s leaving 😦

Uh oh, now that Junpyo is back home, he is locked in.

Geez, President Kang is beyond ruthless. But!!! FORMER PRESIDENT, AKA JIHOO’S GRANDPA, COMES TO THE RESCUE! But only kinda-sorta, cause he says he wants her to be his granddaughter……………….. lmao.

DUDE, this show produces awkward so well it could bottle it up and sell it, although I doubt there is a market for liquid awkward.

Jihoo is so confused about Jandi moving in lmao. Just when you think the mess is over, it gets even more muddled.

WOW, curious! President Kang’s secretary guy is asking Jandi to watch over a comatose man! Who is it? This is kind of curious and awesome.

HAHA, Jihoo is helping Jandi trim her hair.

LOL, life is so ironic for Jihoo. When he tells Jandi he loves her, she’s half asleep.

Yijung’s story is so confusing to me. He is just plain emo lately. Ga Eul is bent on helping him overcome his problems though lol.

WOOBIN! I don’t know why, but I love him haha.

Haha, Junpyo is the third wheel on his own date.

Episode 23:

I can’t stop watching ;__;

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 23

lkfjalskdjf SO ADORABLE. Cute guys with cute kids = deadly for most girls. This kills me.

Ga Eul finally found “it.” What is it? OH, it’s what Eun Jae wanted to show him way back! It’s so cool. “I love you, Yijung.”

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 23

Wah, I’m completely drained of words. Is it even important to say anything anymore? I doubt anyone’s reading. Yeah, this is mostly for myself anyone. I do like “talking” to “someone” hehe, even if it’s a faceless audience.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 23

Okay, so lottts of bad stuff is happening to everyone AROUND Jandi, making it really much harder for her than if President Kang went straight at Jandi. Plus, Junpyo made her promise not to hurt her. HMM. I guess she’s not… physically.

LMFAO, Jihoo’s confessions are always ruined by something or other.

The mysterious guy Jandi has been reading to seems to be getting better! Right as Jandi is leaving.

WTF? What is Jandi’s plan with Junpyo? She talked to his mom… worked something out, maybe, and now she’s cheerfully going to visit him? *Worried.*

They’re now going on a picnic? A farewell picnic, maybe.

sdkfalsdjfsdja I’m feeling so sad because this is so cute and happy and I know it won’t last. But. SDFDdfdlsj all the same.

Boys Before Flowers - Episode 23

WAHHHH, this is so freaking sad. Cries buckets!!

Cutttt. Seriously, the most painful, overused thing about Kdramas. They lie and leave. I can stand it this time, but probably only because I know what’s going to happen.

Saddest ending ever 😦

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