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TOP and Seungri’s ’19’ should be entertaining

May 20, 2009

Promotional stuff for the telecinema, 19–starring TOP and Seungri of Big Bang, along with Heo Yijae–has started cropping up. All I can say is… I think I need this to come out ASAP being it looks completely cracktastic. PLUS, the OST features a track by TOP! It sounds like it will be good. Check out the video below to hear the song some:

I’m not expecting miracles for this thing. I don’t think TOP and Seungri are bad actors, but it’s not their main element. I feel the same about actors who venture into music. Still, they aren’t in the same league as, say, Kim Hyun Joong. Even though I sat through all of Boys Over Flowers, I was still iffy on his acting by the end. Maybe I’m just biased, but I don’t feel quite like that with TOP and Seungir. And when it comes to Heo Yijae… well, I just hoped she’s improved since the last time I saw her in anything. She’s certainly cute, but her acting is wanting.

That doesn’t mean I’m not totally into seeing this, though. I think it’s going to be extremely entertaining. We’ve got a while to wait, however, because this drama/movie doesn’t air until the fall.

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