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Review: Taegoon’s ‘Super Star’

May 24, 2009

I have been really neglecting newer releases lately. That’s why I’m updating about old news! I wasn’t exactly planning talking about it either, but this place was looking a little barren. What the hey.

A WordPress commenter told me I should check out Tae Goon’s new release, including his latest single, “Super Star”… so I did! I don’t know why I hadn’t before.

The “Super Star” video has so much energy. Taegoon doesn’t get a lot of close-ups (I have no idea why… it’s not like he has a bad face), but he certainly dances enough to catch your attention. Like “Call Me,” this video features actress Park Shinhye. She doesn’t serve much purpose except to look really gorgeous and make Taegoon dance even more, haha. I can’t say I mind.

The song seemed alright when I first heard it, but upon a few more listens I decided I liked it quite a bit. It’s your average pop song, but it’s has a catchiness to it and it’s a lot of fun. I definitely appreciate that.

Over all, both the song and video are entertaining. I think through these (along with live performances), you can see that Taegoon is here to stay in the K-pop industry. He has star quality. Or should I say… super star quality? 😉

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