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Review: Big Bang’s ‘My Heaven’ PV

May 26, 2009

Yay, the PV for Big Bang’s “My Heaven” is out! Even though the Korean version never really caught on with me, I still enjoy it and I’m glad there is a Japanese version out. Furthermore, having an accompanying video boosts up my liking quite a bit.

Here’s what I wrote while I watched it for the first time:

Gall, GD looks so darn skinny in this. I mean, he usually does look a little emaciated, but you can see it more and more lately.

This song sounds okay Japanese. It’s a little choppy, but the feeling is pretty decent. The feeling is somehow different from the Korean version.

Everyone looks really good in the MV… except GD. He looks really cute with his hair back, but with it down it’s kind of like a hobo snuck in the video. But he does rock the up-do. Everyone is seeming so mature!

I can’t believe they snuck a kiss in the video. It was very hidden, but still. It was probably just a trick of the camera, but it’s still making fangirls gasp!


I don’t quite get the plot (does the girl leave GD? Or what?), but the video is really nice. I can’t wait to use this footage for something else. *Evil laughter.* Lol, jk about the evil laughter.

Final word: Happiness. Sadness. Tears. Sky. Stars. In… my heaven. LMFAO.

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