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Featured song: Taeyang’s ‘기도’ or ‘Pray’

May 27, 2009

CONFESSION TIME! I am completely embarrassed to admit that, although it is on my top 25 most-played list, I have probably not looked at the English translation of Taeyang’s “기도/Pray” more than once or twice. And I definitely haven’t seen them in at least a year, despite the fact that it’s hardly been a year since Taeyang’s solo album has been released.

The reason I bring this up is because today I saw a subbed version of the video for “기도/Pray.” I was shocked to find out how passionate and uplifting these lyrics were. I somehow had this impression that this was a song that had something to do with a frustrating relationship (my limited knowledge of Korean is enough to give me the feeling that I have some conception of what’s going on in a song… based on ridiculous things like how many times words like, “마음이” are used lol. I can has a logic? Apparently no), but I was completely off base!

Given, the video does not lend any helping hands to non-Korean speakers, but it makes some kind of sense now that I have an idea of what it’s talking about. No, it’s not just an excuse to show off a buff Youngbae, or to get Teddy to wear a suit; the seemingly gratuitous chest pumping and such kind of emphasizes the lyrics.

The chorus goes like this:

Let me say uh-oh!
My heart screams to you
Two letters aren’t enough for the word “love”
Let me say uh-oh!
You are living and breathing inside me

Only you could have me like this

I totally love this song more than ever now. Has this ever happened to you before? It seem silly, but I suppose it’s not that unusual of an occurrence when you’re existing in a world of music you can’t fully understand.

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