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This and that: 2NE1, Taeyang, Big Bang, JJ Lin, ‘Fated to Love You’

June 8, 2009

Random post:

Taeyang and his dog, Boss; JJ Lin
tyandboss jjlinsixology

  • New music for 2NE1 and TaeyangTeddy is currently working on 2NE1’s album as a producer. After this, he’ll move on to work on Taeyang’s next release (reportedly a full album, although I won’t bet on it yet). It’s said that Taeyang’s album will be out in August or September, but the date is clearly tentative, so we’ll see. Still, it’s looking to be a good year for music. I’m looking forward to both 2NE1’s release–scheduled to appear in July–and Taeyang’s next album.
  • Big Bang’s newest MV–While we’re on the subject of Big Bang, they’ve supposedly started filming another video for their next Japanese release (the one that includes “My Heaven”). It’s for a song called “Love Tonight,” which should be a completely new song. They went back Korea for the filming of this video and will be going back to Japan on the 15th when they’re done.
  • 2NE1’s most recent Inkigayo performance–I know a lot of people hate 2NE1’s style, but I think it’s fun. It’s very costume-ish, and I think that’s what I like about it. It hypes up the performance feel. I don’t know about you, but I don’t typically expect idol groups to get on stage wearing street wear. Why would they? Take a look around, people. 2PM has been wearing a mix of strange clothes for their “Again & Again” performances, as have SHINee with their “Juliette” promotions. If I saw someone out on the streets like this, I might hide a giggle, but I can forgive performers for looking like they’re on stage–because they are.
  • 2NE1 covers Big Bang–To go on more about 2NE1, they covered Big Bang’s “We Belong Together” and OMG, it was so very cute. Everyone looks very fresh and normal in the video (further proving my last point). Bom looks very expressive here, so people should just leave her alone lol. Everyone criticizes her stage presence, but she is clearly just shy. I like this video because it shows the great dynamic the group has.
  • JJ Lin–I’ve liked JJ Lin for almost as long as I’ve been into Asian entertainment, but lately I’ve started obsessing over his music. Isn’t it funny how that can happen? Therefore, I will share “Mermaid/美人魚” with you. It’s one of my favorite songs by him right now. I’m only just getting acquainted with his “Sixology” album, and I’m realizing that it’s been a travesty to not have listened to it yet.
  • Fated to Love You–Even though I’ve had about five hundred bajillion J-dramas recommended me, I can only watch so many in a row before I start seeing patterns in plots and dreaming in random Japanese phrases (“Delicious! I’m sorry. Thank you very much! Goodnight… Is that so? Stupid!” etc. lol). It’s the same with any kind of drama (Korean, Taiwanese, whatever). SO, I started watching Fated to Love You, which has been on my hard drive since it started airing last year. Oh dear, it’s so very cliche, but I do like it. I probably could write an essay about how chauvinistic most males tend to be in Taiwanese idol dramas, buuut that would take the fun out of life, I think. Hot and cold personalities are so trendy~ I just hope I have the stamina to stick around for about ten thousand more episodes, because this drama is long as heck haha. I must say, though, that Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen are as pretty as they come. Joe Chen is really doing an ace job in this.
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