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#1 reason ‘Partner’ needs to be awesome

June 12, 2009

If you’re wondering what K-dramas I’m looking forward to most this season, it would definitely be Triple and Partner.

Triple has an array of actors that I love and unabashedly drool over, along with a plot that promises your usual cute-cute-omg-love-it-noooodramaomgno-omg-yayhappyend fare. I like that kind of thing. Oh yeah, and it’s about figure skating, which I’ve always had a slight thing for. I think it will do fine.

Partner, on the other hand, is one of those dramas that only really won me over when I heard who was cast. It’s about lawyers and such, and that just isn’t my thing. Buuuut, when I saw some pictures that were released, I felt that it absolutely had to be awesome. Why?


Do you really need to ask? I was hoping that Lee Dong Wook’s last drama, La Vita Dolce would be amazing, but I didn’t want to touch it when I heard about its depressing plot. Sry. But really, I love this guy so Partner needs to be amazing because I really want to watch this and fall in love with it. I think it’s looking promising because 1) Lee Dong Wook, 2) Kim Hyun Joo (Junpyo’s sister in Boys Over Flowers), 3) It sounds like there will be that oh-so-overused dynamic where the guy is a snobby playboy and the girl is strong-willed and YEAH, this is why I invest time into dramas for the most part (I am a cheesecake at heart), and 4) While the plot seems like it could wind up getting preachy, it has the potential to be great.

Ah, I try not to build up hopes for these things, but it happens. I usually try to wait things out and see how people are liking them, but maybe I’ll deviate for once and see how I feel about them on my own.

What dramas are you looking forward to this season?

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