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4minute: Just another girl group?

June 19, 2009

4minute’s debut song, “Hot Issue,” proves that these girls are perfect for the world of K-pop. The song is the epitome of mind-numbing pop: it has a beat that graffiti’s itself on the inside of your skull and vocals that alternately pull you in turn you off.

I’m not putting the song down, per se. In fact, I know I’ll have this song on repeat from now until who knows when. Still, my first impression of this group is… it’s hard to say. K-pop is such a fickle thing. There is a fine line between unique and crowd-pleaser. It sounds like it would be the opposite, but when everyone is vying for a limited audience’s attention, things change.

Let’s just say this: there are already so many girl groups out there, and there are so may more to come. Do you really want to be a mix of what’s already appeared? There is nothing new under the K-pop sun, but I wish there was a little more “deviancy” going on.

4minute and their song are truly what the crowd’s calling for, and I think they’re relatively cool. Still, I would be so into something with a fresh vibe. You know what I mean?

Let’s sum it up with a prediction. 4minute will develop a strong fanbase; they have enough to make it despite this year’s influx of girl groups. However, in the end they’ll just be just another of the set: Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, Kara, After School etc.

On another note, how over-rated is Hyunah? I was pretty excited about her coming back, but it feels very unbalanced to have her get all this extra attention. For instance, her solo “dance”–or whatever that was on Mnet M! Countdown–was completely unnecessary. The girl seemed to have a lot of flair back when she was a rapper for the Wonder Girls, but hearing her sing live with 4minute gave me a bit of pause. Just saying.

Oh sheesh, I know this post sounds so anti. I promise I think 4minute is a good new group. I just have some criticisms about them and the realm of K-pop in general.

4minute – Hot Issue

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