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Review: Big Bang’s ‘My Heaven’ single

June 23, 2009

OMG, I’m so excited about Big Bang’s new single (“My Heaven”)! The only real new song is “Emotion,” but who cares. I am happy with any new material. We also get a remix of “My Heaven,” which will be fun to hear.

My impressions:

  • My Heaven: I already wrote a bit about “My Heaven” when the MV came out, but I’ll go ahead and say some more on it. The original (“천국/Heaven”) was never my favorite, for some reason. It’s a good song, but it has an “Always” vibe… and “Always” has never been my favorite either. I think the feeling is just too sentimental. I know that sounds weird, but it just gives me a feeling like I can’t listen to it over and over no matter the quality of the song. Strangely enough, however, is how I feel about the Japanese version. I like it more? Something about it is more relaxed.
  • Emotion: OMG OMG. SO. Excited. OMG. It has such a Lady Gaga beat (SUCH), what the heck? LMAO. It’s in Japanese though! Woot! I kind of like it… This is another side of Big Bang! It’s emotion~ lol. There is a surprisingly lack of G-Dragon in the first half of the song! Surprising surprising. Dude, I’m going to have this on repeat for the rest of the night. Big Bang is my drug, for real. Okay, we get a GD bridge-ish thing. It’s a different song from Big Bang! I like that. [Okay, the reason it seems so Lady Gaga-ish is because this song and her “Poker Face” were produced by the same person–RedOne. It explains a lot.]
  • My Heaven (Club Remix): Ooh, it’s fun. Lalala~ I’m not sure how I feel about it over all yet, but so far it’s entertaining. I have a hard time judging remixes on the first listen. I’m actually thinking the back-beat is too overpowering, the more I listen. Aside from that, it’s good in my book.

All in all, this single is too short! I’m being greedy though. I just love this group so much that I want more and more from them. However, I’m glad that they (seemingly) aren’t overworking themselves right now, because they definitely were in overdrive last year. Having a little new material does make me very happy though, so I’ll try to be satisfied.

I guess they were just testing the waters last year with their English releases. I’m proud of these guys for finally moving on to Japanese. I can’t tell what they’re better at because I don’t know enough Japanese, but they sound okay by me.

Even though there wasn’t much to speak of, it’s an entertaining listen. “My Heaven” turned out well (it’s their first Japanese-language single!), and “Emotion” is something new from Big Bang. The remix is a little over-mixed in my estimation, but it’s not terrible. Over all, it’s a fun single for the summer. Yay!

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