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June 24, 2009

Big Bang’s in Japan, so they have some activities going on there. They were most recently on “MEZAMASHITV 1.”

There are two videos on YouTube from this show. The first video introduces them and shows them where they are staying in Japan. It’s so cute to see Big Bang goof off no matter where they are. They show off their toys, their manga, their music, and GD says something about Aoi Yu (he has a calendar of her lol)!

BUUUT, the real thing I wanted to talk about was their first performance of “My Heaven” in Japan.


OMG, GD looks adorable in this performance. I like how his hair is pulled back and his bangs/hair falls in front. I guess he’s just very noticeable this performance for his complete NORMALNESS. How long has it been since he’s even dressed like this? It’s so casual… it’s so “Lies” era! Very curious. I like that he’s calming down his style for Japan (at the moment, at least). It somehow seems respectful.

Seungri is looking so very old lately. In a good way. He no longer seems much like the baby, does he? He’s so much more serious now that he’s had his “Strong Baby” time.

Everyone else looks good, needless to say. I just had to make specific comments on Leader and Magnae.

The vocals are so quiet… they seem nonexistent for the most part lol, at least in the chorus. Even Taeyang’s ad-libbing isn’t being picked up D: The rapping comes across better though.

Once they stop performing, they seem extremely nervous lol. TOP smoothes his hair and GD pulls at his scarf. They get asked a question and there is a HUGE silence. Poor Taeyang mostly answers, although Seungri surprisingly speaks up as well (scripted answer?). It seems like there is a translator behind them, but it must be tough either way.

I like Big Bang better in Korea and Korean, but I’ll take what I can get. I hope they do well in Japan. It seems like they are already, because they’re #4 on Oricon.

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