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SNSD’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’ song and MV

June 26, 2009

I’m having hard time expressing my opinion on Girl’s Generation’s newest song and video, “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie).” The song is one thing, but the video is another planet.

First thing first: The song is pretty good. It’s decently catchy. I think the part of the chorus that was advertised in the teaser is the best part of the song–“sowoneul marhaebwa (I’m genie for you, boy)” etc.–but the rest of fun and listenable, so it’s not like I care that the whole song is based around that sound.

But the real thing here is the VIDEO. What is there even to say? There is nothing subtle about it! NOTHING. Given, the song is about being a “genie” for a boy, so what should we expect? It’s like we’re looking into an (very) edited version of a guy’s fantasy. From the outfits to the sets… sheesh. Even the perspective of the camera emphasizes this (especially in dance scenes–it’s all legs, basically).

Honestly though, I can’t say much against it. It’s a genius marketing strategy. It’s what most girl groups are selling anyway, so why try to hide or mask it?

Regardless of what I think is appropriate or respectful to women, these girls surely work hard and you can’t fault them for that. They look impeccable, and their voices sound amazing. I’m always shocked by what SM tries to push (whether it’s shirtless “slaves” or leggy “genies”), but I eventually get used to it and enjoy the entertainment value. I guess I just hate the idea of women being objectified (like a proper college woman, eh?), so this kind of thing leaves me feeling frustrated until I realize what I’m dealing with.

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