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Review: Big Bang’s ‘ガラガラ GO!!’ or ‘Gara Gara Go!!’ PV

July 1, 2009

Big Bang’s “ガラガラ GO!!/Gara Gara Go!!” PV was released a week before the single, and what do I have to say? Awe.some. Both the song and the video are full of fun and should set the tone for summertime goodness.

Let me briefly summarize thoughts on each member in this video because I feel like it:

  • I don’t know what to say about GD’s hair. For the most part, it was hidden and bearable, but at some points I couldn’t help but think, “If I wore my hair like that, I would get arrested!” LMAO.
  • I honestly can’t get over how grown-up Seungri looks lately. I love how he’s been styled in recent times, so this kind of adds to the feeling. How is he only 18? I think it’s a positive thing that he’s starting to move into acting more and more, because I can see him getting really good roles someday.
  • Taeyang moves so freaking well. I love it. I think I never comment much about Taeyang because I think most of what I admire about him is unnecessary to say because it’s so clear… everyone should see it. Also, if I write what I actually feel, I’ll probably embarrass myself to death. To put it simply, I adore this guy.
  • It’s funny how Daesung is styled in this MV. He usually has a goofy-boy kind of look, but it seems like he’s steering away from that for this song. I think he works it, with the exception of the mesh shirt. Because mesh shirts never work, no matter how fiercely you wear them.
  • And TOP, what can I even say? There are very few people in the world who exude such gorgeousness. Seriously. From his eyes to his voice, he has his audience captivated.

As far as the song goes, I don’t know how I feel all the way. I think it sounds awesome and catchy, but will I love it like “Number 1”? Probably not. It falls into the same category though, and I really like it. The video actually feels like a melding of all their previous Japanese singles (“How Gee,” “With U,” “Number 1”), aside from their most recent, “My Heaven.”

I’m not too keen on their use of females in this video, but whatever. I think they’re supposed to be more symbolic than anything else, eh? Their faces aren’t even shown. I can’t decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing…

But life’s too short to seriously analyze the world of pop. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy.

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