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Review: 2NE1’s first mini-album

July 9, 2009

I finally listened to 2NE1’s first mini-album! It hit the internet yesterday (in my time zone, at least), but I was too lazy to review so I waited to listen until today. Here are my opinions.

2NE1 - 2NE1

  1. Fire: I’ve obviously heard this song plenty of times (and reviewed it), but I usually like reevaluating a track when I get a chance. I can’t say this is the catchiest track in all the world, but I have a great fondness for it. It has a good beat and nothing to fault (in my opinion). I’ve listened to “Fire” well over a hundred times, and I know it will continue to play because I’ve yet to tire of it! My favorite part is the bridge–who knows why, but it’s fun as heck. A great debut song for 2NE1!
  2. I Don’t Care: I got this song the minute I saw it up online, yet I never got around to reviewing it. Despite my laziness, I really enjoy it and my late-review doesn’t mean a thing against it. “I Don’t Care” is something fresh from 2NE1; in fact, it’s kind of impossible for me to compare it to “Fire” (in terms of which is better) because the two songs are so different!

    When I first heard “I Don’t Care,” I must say I was rather unimpressed. There isn’t anything about it that particularly stand out. Ah, well, I’ve been listening to Kpop for long enough now that I can predict my taste. I felt the same about Taeyang’s “Look Only at Me,” and it’s now one of my all-time favorite songs. “I Don’t Care” seems precisely that kind of song to me. It’s calm, yet it packs a punch. The more you listen, the more things you can pick out from the song to pay attention to and like. To be completely honest, Dara’s (relatively) weak vocals spoil a bit of the song’s charm, but you can’t have the world. I think Dara is adorable and the group would have less life without her, so I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Still, she has room to improve… and I know she will! Conversely, I’m in love with Bom’s voice here.

    As a side note: I heard people calling plagiarism, compared this song to some Lionel Richie song. FYI, the songs sound nothing alike, unless you think all reggae-inspired tunes are inherently the same.

  3. In The Club: WOOT, new track! The first of four new songs to get excited about.

    Ooh, it’s another slow song from the girls. Do I sense some Rihanna inspiration? They do love her so. Anyway, I can feel myself falling for the feel of it. It’s not going to knock people over (truthfully, it’s not the most original song on the block), but it’s a decent track. Dara definitely steps it up for this song, don’t you think? Everyone sounds awesome here, actually.

  4. Let’s Go PARTY: Wait, was that some language-sparkle in the beginning? CL, girl… FRENCH. I remember like, falling out of my seat when I read that she was good at it. Minzi with Japanese, Dara with… Spanish? Bom with Korean.

    I like this song already, and it’s hardly started lol. “Let’s go party, work that body,” LOL. Ah, you can see that even though these girls are still thought of as Big Bang’s female counterpart, their style is different. Seriously though, especially since this album is proving to be so chill. “Fire” is the most up beat song on the list so far.

  5. Pretty Boy: Taking that last statement back… this song has a lot of energy. It’s the basis for their debut intro! You know what, Dara’s voice kind of reminds me of Uhm Jung Hwa’s sometimes. Do you think? Anyway, this song is okay. It’s not blowing me away, but it’s fun and listenable.
  6. Stay Together: O_O Slow song? Again? It’s relaxed though. I like it. I mean, I’m stamping that on everything, but it’s true. It reminds me a tad of Taeyang’s “Make Love.” It somehow seems like a good song to drive to lol. It just has that kind of feeling.
  7. Lollipop: Haha, THIS SONG! You know, when I first heard it I was very so-so on it. It has that craze-factor though! One day I woke up and had to listen to it constantly! That’s the way I feel about this song. I don’t get what’s so great, except that I love it. It’s so quotable too. ~Lolli lolli lollipop~ Bling bling like LED! YOU JUST CAN’T CONTROL!!! lol

Over all, the album could TECHNICALLY have been better considering all the hype, but hey. After all, these girls JUST debuted. Most first albums are looked back upon with affection rather than acclaim. I personally enjoy this mini-album a lot, and plan to play it quite a bit. I’m appreciating something fresh from a girl group. They may not have the same style of music as Big Bang, but would we even want that? I like that they have the same heart. They’re serious about their music, they’re real people, and they plan to change things up and start some new trends. Love it. 2NE1, you have this girl’s heart.

Some information that interest people: “Pretty Boy” will get its own music video (early August?), GD’s written/produced songs are not on this album–they will come out with 2NE1’s first album, which could be released in September or October. Thanks to for these tidbits!

Look out for 2NE1’s performance of “I Don’t Care” and “Pretty Boy” on the 10th (KBS Music Bank). Their video for “I Don’t Care” will be out soon.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. July 10, 2009 6:42 pm

    I totally agree with what you said about ‘I Don’t Care’. The more you listen, the more you find parts that do stand out on their own.

    Listening to it a lot more now 🙂

  2. tofumon permalink
    July 18, 2009 12:54 am

    Whaa this album does grow on you…but it’s not explosive as it could/should be.

    And I agree with your comment on Tae Yang’s “Look Only At Me.” I liked it to begin with, but the more I listened I start noticing small details about the melody and arrangement that makes me only love it more.

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