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Lookalike: G-Dragon vs. Lee Yongwoo (and rumors)

July 11, 2009

I was browsing through pictures today and I noticed a unique shirt that has appeared on two Korean entertainers.

It’s G-Dragon vs. Lee Yongwoo. G-Dragon appeared in the June issue of Arena with his avant-garde take on this already crazy shirt, and model-turned-actor Lee Yongwoo has a toned-down version of the tee for his upcoming drama, Style.

g-dragon_arena leeyongwoo_style

Most people would ask, “Who wears it best?” but I don’t really care. I think Lee Yongwoo’s look is more “everyday,” but I still don’t love it. G-Dragon’s is downright insane, but I think that’s the point.

In other news, G-Dragon has been rumored to have a “thing” with the 2009 Miss Korea, Kim Juri. I doubt it, but I think it’s amusing to read such gossip. I personally am rooting for the (also unlikely) GD/CL ship.

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