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‘YG Live’: General talk and episode 2 commentary

July 11, 2009

I hate that I have twenty-five thousand half-written articles and they never get posted. I think I need to feel like they’re more ~finished~, but who even cares. Quantity over quality sometimes works, so I’ll try my best to keep updating (even if it’s lame).


SO, has anyone been watching YG’s TV show on Mnet? I’m not entirely sure WHAT it is. I think it’s called “YG Live,” but it might just be focused on 2NE1. Either way, it’s frickin’ amazing. It totally backs up the reasons why I love YG artists so much. Also, as if I didn’t love 2NE1 enough before, I totally am crazy for them now. They are such amazingly dedicated, talented and adorable people.

In a word: watch. You will not regret a minute of it. In the first episode (which I will not discuss, but it’s amazing), there are a ton of YG artists shown, but the second episodes focuses just on 2NE1. If you want subs, you can go to iBigBangsubs for Big Bang clips (don’t bother for the second episode), and YGS21RoyalAceSubs for 2NE1 clips.

ANYWAY, I watched the second episode today (watch the RoyalAce subs for this one because the whole episode is about 2NE1) and I couldn’t stop myself from making a bit of a commentary. I might do this in the future because it’s hard for me not to gush when I love something.

This episode overflows with absolute cuteness. I’ll skim over pretty much everything and just talk about things that struck me, even though the whole episode is notable.

GD and TOP talk about their friends, who style 2NE1. Nuthang lol~

It’s really cute to see 2NE1 prepare for their debut stage. Everyone waits for them and watches. SO ADORABLE. Teddy, GD, Daesung, and YG are all there.

My favorite part so far is when the girls are returning from their first broadcast. Their car comes upon a giant crowd of people and they (the girls) are really excited until they realize the crowd is shouting, “Yang Seung Ho.” Their faces are priceless. “They’re looking for our STYLIST?!” LMAO. EPIC. I feel really bad for them though haha. They bear it well.

There is a bit shown of GD recording his solo album! 2NE1 is featured? It sounds good from the .2 seconds we hear.

Is it okay to ship Teddy/Dara? They are so cute. Nah, I don’t think I do. Teddy is funny though, he likes to randomly start talking in wack English. It’s not BAD English… just weird English. Like… nobody talks like that LOL.

I love the music they play every time YG comes in a room LMAO.

When they were doing the encore after their first award, it’s so frickin’ adorable. CL calls GD up on stage and he GOES. LOVES IT. And hugs all around. I want to go back and watch this performance again, knowing how they felt about it.

Later, GD says, “It feels like I got number 1.” OMG I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. He is really proud of 2NE1.

Teddy and Kush together = omg omg. They are hilarious. They (well, Teddy, with Kush agreeing) give a little speech on how you have to “act like you don’t care” haha.

Okay, what I think is so wonderful about YG when they do stuff like this (as they did with the Big Bang documentary too) is that you get to see these people up can close, and realize how human they are. Everyone is so real and open. You feel like you could be best friends with them. You want to root for them like CRAZY.

I think I’ve sworn my heart to 2NE1 forever. They are amazing.

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