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Review: Epik High’s ‘Remixing the Human Soul’

July 22, 2009

I’m so happy! Epik High’s remix album, “Remixing the Human Soul,” is finally out. Planet Shiver got together with Epik High to give fresh life to old favorites. According to Tablo’s blog (on, this album wasn’t planned to be a huge deal (marketed as a digital-only release), but they changed their minds somewhere along the way and made it an honest-to-goodness album. This definitely makes me a excited because it gives the project more attention, and also ALBUM ART (an utter weakness of mine, as I am drawn to pretty things).

Epik High - Remixing the Human Soul

On said album art/cover it says: This album is dedicated to all audiophiles. No genre, just music. How can you NOT love people who think this way?

Anyway, I put together a quick review. I couldn’t help but approach these songs in a comparative way. I love all of the original songs, so it’s hard not to match every track with its counterpart and dissect the difference.

  1. Fly Higher (Feat. DH Style): I think this was the perfect song to start the album off with. It’s such a classic Epik High track! I’m loving the new vibe Planet Shiver has given it. The original “Fly” was so upbeat and fun, and “Fly Higher” has lost none of that essence. It just seems more club-ish. “Fly” is a summer day, and “Fly Higher” is a fall evening.
  2. Love Love Loveless (Feat. Yoongjin of Casker): This is one of my favorite Epik High songs (who am I kidding though? I think all of these remixes are from favorites. Even then, I could easily say every Epik High song is a favorite), so I’m so very happy to hear it remixed. It sounds good.
  3. Breakdown the Wall: OMG, amazing. This remix has such an industrial feel. It doesn’t have the intense power of the original, but that’s what makes “Breakdown the Wall” its own song. It takes the energy of “Breakdown,” cuts it up and rearranges it.
  4. 버려진 우산 Broken Umbrella (Feat. Lisa): I have been particularly curious about the tracks with new features. Having Lisa sing instead of Yoonha changes the feeling of the song more than you’d think. The song now has more of a bossa-nova (vaguely) sound than anything else. I don’t know. I guess it somehow feels like the same track but… upside down. In a good way. To be extremely metaphorical, it feels like a trek through the woods as opposed to a walk through the city. There is something mysterious about this remix.
  5. 1분 1초 One Minute One Second, a Little Memory (Feat. Taru): THIS is definitely one of my most beloved songs. I go to sleep to it, I wake up to it, and now I get to hear it re-invisioned. HAPPINESS.

    I’m having a hard time describing how I feel about this remix! Is it enough to say that I’m loving it? The digitalized voices express detachment, giving the song a more literal feeling. I don’t know. Words aren’t working.

  6. Fanatic: I AM OBSESSED WITH THE INTRO. I have a feeling this track going to get a lot of play. The urgency of “Fan” is masked, and in its place is a quiet persistency. Is it weird to say it seems more contemplative?
  7. Back to the Future (Feat. Yankie): The beginning of this song seems other worldly. I like the new line: “and the soul meets destiny.” Poignant! Like a lot of the other remixes, this version seems like a more relaxed (yet technical) reflection of the original song. The music in “Back to the Future” is amazing, seriously. What is this song? It’s back to the future sh*t. I know that sounds derogatory, but it’s not lol.
  8. You are the One (Feat. Horan of Clazziquai): I’ve been dying to hear this version. “One” is the love of my life and getting to hear it with Horan (although you know Jisun is my homegirl) makes me infinitely pleased. It’s also curious to hear Planet Shiver do a new remix of this song (they had one on “Pieces, Part 1”). Piaaano~ It does sound a bit like the other remix, but I think I like this one more. I think the difference is that this was BUILT to be like this, whereas the other one was created after the fact.
  9. High Skool Dropout: FUN SONG! How can it not be though? It flows very well with the rest of the album.
  10. Remap the Soul (Feat. MYK): This song has been reimagined beautifully. I am enamored with “Map the Soul” to begin with, but hearing it in EPIC new clothes is wonderful. Although it winds up feeling quieter, everything about it has the same emotion of the original.

I’m really pleased with this project. I’m excited that Epik High and Planet Shiver put so much time and energy into something that could easily have been a half-hearted effort. The songs are fresh yet familiar, and they all amazingly form one, cohesive unit. Great album!

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  1. July 22, 2009 1:23 pm

    will definitely check this one out!

  2. July 22, 2009 10:42 pm

    I’ve listened to it and maybe because I’m not that much of a remix fan, I just can’t get into it D:


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