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Review of DNT and thoughts on Kpop entertainment companies

July 22, 2009

Does anyone know who DNT (Dragon N Tiger) is? I do, but I have heard little about them since their debut back in July of last year. Apparently they had a semi-hit, but fell into anonymity after that.

DNT recently came out with a new song and people are hailing their return as a “Big Bang” type comeback. The title of the song is “정신없이 예뻐,” which roughly translates to “Crazily Pretty.” The song is catchy, but I can’t say it’s enough to launch them into competetion with the “A-listers.” Sorry guys!

Also, I have to say the style for their “Crazily Pretty” video is somewhat feminine. I can understand wanting to have a cute and “hip” idol vibe, but everything about this video screams “precious.” Not in a “omg I need to squish them” way, but a “omg where has the masculinity gone” way. Does anyone else get this feeling? I hate to say it, but somehow I get this impression and it makes me feel really really bad for this group. I hate to see potential go to waste, and it obviously is here.

“Oh my… look at the girl. She’s so beautiful!” XD

I give them props for coming back with a fun song though, and I wish them all the best with their promotions. I just don’t see why people are comparing them to Big Bang here… maybe it’s in hopes that they will receive some deserved attention.

Just like other flailing groups (such as U-Kiss and others), DNT is suffering a case of weak management. I’m not saying their companies are bad, but rather that they aren’t in companies that have the credibility. People will look to places like SM and JYP even if they fart rainbows because they have proven successful in the past, and they usually know what sells. Other places don’t have the public’s trust (per se) yet, and they need to work harder to still to produce hits. Hopefully these burgeoning companies will stay afloat in this tough Kpop industry.

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  1. July 22, 2009 10:41 pm

    This song is so addictive and is on constant repeat right now xD

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