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Three ways to shake up your summer

July 23, 2009


I thought I’d start a weekly series in which I list three ways to shake up your summer. Hopefully I can bring you some simple ideas every Thursday until school starts. Maybe you’ve come across these things, maybe you haven’t. Who cares! These are things I love and can enjoy over and over.

  1. Drama:J-Drama: 1 Pound no Fukuin/One Pound Gospel Busy with a summer job? If you only have a few hours to spare on a drama, One Pound Gospel is a fun, lighthearted way to go. You could easily get through the drama in a week if you watch an hour a day. It’s not the kind of drama you’ll want to show to your children, but I can guarantee you’ll get a lot of laughs out of it. What do you get when you add a food-crazy boxer and a young nun? A J-drama that will brighten up your summer. Here is a brief clip that conveys only a fraction of the pace of this drama.
  2. Music: Looking for a unique summer song? My first Wilber Pan song was “Gao Shou.” Even though this song is four years old, I still think it’s a lot of fun. I think the French rapping really adds an interesting touch. It doesn’t have that classic summer energy, but it somehow fits the season for me. Video / Song
  3. Reading: Looking for something to browse on the internet? Check out Kstyle, which takes looks of Korean stars and breaks them down for you. It’s a really awesome site! Most of the time I can look and say, “AH, so that’s where it’s from!” even if I don’t have the money to exactly recreate the look myself (although sometimes pieces are surprisingly affordable). It’s also a great chance to see the wackiness and creativity that goes into creating a K-star’s outfit.

As a bonus, here is a bit of interesting news: Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Yunho is making his acting debut with the soccer drama, Heading to the Ground. None of the DBSK guys impressed me with their acting in the Banjun dramas, but hey… maybe they’ve improved. Jaejoong made the acting plunge, so it’s not too crazy to imagine the group’s leader trying his hand at the art. The only difference here is that JJ had it good with a drama/movie type deal, whereas Yunho is going straight into full-drama territory. How will Cassiopeia cope? Will DBSK’s activities slow or go SS501’s “Triple S” route? We’ll see. Also, Yuhno’s SM “sister”, Go Ara, might co-star. Curious!

Well, that’s it for this Thursday. I hope you enjoyed these ways to soak up some summer time!

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  1. kstyleblog permalink
    August 5, 2009 2:15 am

    Oh! I feel so special thanks for taking time to write about my site. Hwaiting!!

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