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BoA’s ‘Energetic’ MV released

July 24, 2009

BoA has a fierce new video out! It’s for her English song, “Energetic.” I frankly LOVE this song, so I’m hopping excited to have a video for it. I guess it came it out little while ago, but I had no idea until now. ANYWAY…

I see an iPhone! HOLLA! (Lol I am on a sugar high FYI!) I lovelovelove her make-up. It’s so music-video, but that’s okay because it IS a music video! HAHA. I also love BoA’s dancing because it isn’t prissy at all. THANK GOODNESS! It’s feminine without being precious. I know I keep calling things “precious” lately, but it’s because it’s the most appropriate word. AND THE NEW PART. OMG. I NEED THIS VERSION.

Boaaaa, I love you! This video was amazing. I’m really liking how classy she’s coming out in all of her American stuff. I hope she is getting the attention she deserves with this. I don’t think she is though. It’s sad how I have no idea.

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