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Son Dambi and After School for ‘AMOLED’

July 24, 2009

Son Dambi and After School have teamed up to promote Samsung’s newest Anycall’s phone, “AMOLED,” which stands for” Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode.” Son Dambi has been endorsing for the company for some time now, and After School is reported to be the next group in line to model.

Just like most Anycall products, the “AMOLED” advertisements come with a catchy song and video. Although I thought wasn’t expecting much from the video, I still watched with anticipation and found myself let down.

Despite the fact that this project is a collaboration, the video focused almost exclusively on Son Dambi. When the camera was not on Dambi, it relied mostly on dance shots of After School’s newest member, Uee. Can somebody tell me why? Sure, they showed a little of Bekah and Gahee, but everyone else got the shift for sure. I like Dambi okay, but I’m personally more of an After School fan. I was disappointed with the unbalanced feeling of the video. It could have been way more fun than it turned out to be.

Alright, it was just a commercial (when it really comes down to it), but sometimes these things can be really entertaining, like the “Lollipop” CF Big Bang and 2NE1 did. The song is okay, but nothing special. I guess the whole project was simply “alright.” What do you think?

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