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Big Bang’s ‘Beethoven Virus’ parody

July 27, 2009

Big Bang’s Big Bang Virus is finally out (due to the fact that their latest concert DVD has been released) and it’s hilarious! It comes full with English subs, so it’s totally understandable. I was literally laughing out loud while I was watching this. “Give me the phone, baby!” BEST. EVER.

Seungri’s “Body shake, body shake!” omg. He makes a hilarious girl. I guess he played one before, but not the front and center one. Daesung’s role as an ajumma is great. I love his dancing! It’s extremely funny. Taeyang’s character is so WEIRD… but lovable haha, and his dog, Boss, makes an appearance. G-Dragon was so freaking funny in this! And TOP? I love him. I feel bad though that he has to pretend to kiss every member (in their parody history, Taeyang is the only one who has yet to play the female lead). The guys take turns playing the girl, but TOP has to deal with their fake femininity every time lol!

All in all, this was one of my favorite Big Bang parodies yet. There is something crazy and chaotic about it that’s hard to resist. Even though I haven’t seen Beethoven Virus–which Big Bang Virus is modeled after–I still had a great time with this parody.

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