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Review: Kara’s ‘Wanna’

July 30, 2009

I finally got around to watching Kara’s “Wanna” MV, so I had a chance to hear their song as well. My impression is decent! I’m not put off by the video… I guess that’s good? LOL.

I think the extraneous video footage is silly, but most music videos manage to get a few eye rolls from me anyhow. In short, I can overlook it. But omg, everyone is so cute in this video. Jiyoung is looking so old! She looks a like a mix of Gyuri and Minkyung from Davichi. IDK. Everyone looks really grown up, actually. Maybe it’s the style they’re going for? They are cutesy, but they aren’t killing me.

On the same vein, I like what they’re wearing in this! It’s more normal than what other girl groups are doing right now. It’s still a little wild, but it’s pretty cute and I want some of their clothes!

The song is good fun. It’s a lot less grating on English-understanding ears than “Pretty Girl,” for one. It’s light and good for summer, I think.

I suppose my feeling about Kara’s “Wanna” is that it’s good, not great, but fun and entertaining. What’s your opinion?

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  1. August 1, 2009 8:54 am

    like you said good not great and it’s so catchy. i like this more than pretty girl

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