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Collaborations for Brave Brother’s upcoming album

August 3, 2009


More Brave Brothers “Attitude” information! Also, while the name implies otherwise, Brave Brothers is one person… It was news to me, at least ^^;; Here is the real news:

The title track is called “Invisible” and it features Son Dambi AND Lee Minwoo. I have to tell you, this is really exciting to me. I’m kind of on the fence about Dambi, but I love Minwoo to death. I’m enjoying the fact that they’re both in the same song though. Anyway, Dambi will be in the video. Busy girl, eh? Isn’t it weird to think that just last year she popped up after a long absence and we said, “Who is this girl?” and considered her the female Rain. Well… that was how I felt!

I have to deliver some bad news now, in contrast to the exciting Brave Brothers-Son Dambi-Lee Minwoo fusion. 4minute’s Hyuna will also be featured in the album. *Cue dramatic music.* Okay, I’m kidding about the doom and gloom, but I am surprised that she’s every-freaking-where. She’s also singing on one of Mighty Mouth’s songs (“Love Crach Course“), along with After School’s Uee. For some reason this girl garners way more attention than anyone would imagine. I applaud her for returning so strong, but I sadly don’t love her as much as the media would want me to.

August 18th, please come soon!

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  1. tofumon permalink
    August 5, 2009 1:58 am

    I’m so excited for this album especially after hearing the English song that was released. I heard Big Bang was featured as well. I’ assuming some of the members…or maybe the whole gang. Minwoo (hotness btw) I get, but why Hyun-ah? Did he not see/hear JiYoon. gosh.

    lol I didn’t know Brave Brothers was 1 person. ROFL. For the longest time, I thought it was a duo of actual brothers.

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