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G-Dragon MANIA!

August 8, 2009

This post was intended for this morning, but life got in the way and it’s finally making its appearance just now. This was going to be in my last post originally, but you probably can see that it’s rather wordy and would have broken your eyes had it been included.

concertgd1 concertgd2

  • I wanted to write the hugest post in adoration of all the cute G-Dragon stuff that’s been cropping up these days (I’m sure he and YG are getting his face/name/everything out more now that his album release date is drawing closer)… but I just don’t think I have time right now. SO, I will do my best to summarize quickly.
    1. First of all, he got a me2day! Me2day is something Epik High/Map the Soul crew and 2NE1 also maintain–it’s a bit like a Korean Dailymotion/Twitter. Anyhow, I love the stuff he’s been posting. You can find English translations on K Bites and this LJ community (a bit faster on the translations ATM).
    2. I was a touch disappointed with a recent YG Live episode which was heavy on Big Bang footage… but equally heavy with awkward moments. It’s hard to tell if it was because YG was there or simply because Big Bang has become very camera-reserved over time. Luckily, the next YG Live episode proved to be more entertaining with Big Bang material. Was it because it was focused on G-Dragon? I don’t know. But hhhhhhhhhhholy smokes, I laughed my head off. G-Dragon talks about his new album a little, and mocks 2NE1 a TON. I wanted to die laughing when he randomly burst out with an impression of Bom’s famous, “Don’t touch my ~” lines. You can tell GD has been spending a lot of time with Teddy because of his really funny English lines and weird movements. I love it though. AND one of the songs on his album will called “The Leader” and it features TEDDY AND CL. I want to go on forever about these very few minutes featuring GD, but I will just link you to the videos (and omg, I love GD/CL–IS IT WRONG TO SHIP REAL PEOPLE… TWICE?!). One and two.
    3. GD shot his music video on the 7th! Everyone who was on set considered it to be huge scale, and it’s not a wonder why: there were ten large sets! Can’t waaait. Here is a preview of one set that GD posted on his me2day.

    Oh goodness, I could keep going but I know you’d die. I doubt anyone has even had the stamina to read all this.

I’m serious though. I am pretty positive I could write an essay on all of the stuff that’s going on with this guy lately. I’m excited for his album release! It also makes me think of how fun it will be when Taeyang starts his solo activities again. I think G-Dragon is more exciting at the moment because, a) it’s sooner, and b) we haven’t see too much solo GD yet.

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