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This and that: Korean ISWAK, CL/Teddy, Inkigayo special, Lee Chun Hee cast

August 8, 2009

I knew I had a lot to talk about today, but I had no idea what a monster this post would be until I started writing about everything! I would have made a bunch of little posts, but isn’t it less annoying this way? I hope ^^;;

Taiwanese It Started With a Kiss; CL hugging a “Teddy” doll
iswakimage clheartsteddy

  • The same people who were behind the Korean version of Boys Before Flowers are going to do a Korean It Started with a Kiss.
    • The story/manga was originally Japanese (“Itazura na Kiss,” which translated into an odd J-drama the 90s; I started but didn’t finish because it was rushed and weird), but it was made popular in Taiwan with stars like Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite dramas ever. Well, Korea’s getting their own version of a popular drama once again. So far it’s going by the translation of the Japanese title, “Mischievous Kiss.” For those who are unaware of the plot, it’s about a cold guy with a high IQ and a clumsy girl (with a low IQ) who has a crush on him. It’s one of those forced-proximities plots that draws you in very quickly.
    • Even though a lot of people felt Boys Before Flowers wasn’t done as well as it could have been, I liked it a lot. It was cheesy and dramatic, but also very entertaining and lovable. I have a feeling many viewers will find argument with “Mischievous Kiss,” but hopefully it will surprise us all (in a good way!) with its quality of acting, story, and so on. I can’t wait to find out who they cast and how they handle the plot. Will they try to tackle the whole manga in one show? I guess we’ll find out!
  • 2NE1 is going to perform Big Bang’s “마지막 인사/Last Farewell” on Inkigayo this Sunday.
    • Yes! Two of my favorite groups mixed into one performance (kind of). Honestly, I used to be pretty one-track fangirl minded when it came to groups. Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang. Sometimes Epik High. Sometimes other groups. But now I can easily say I love 2NE1 in the same way and to a similar extent to Big Bang. It’s a combination of music and personalities for me (and while most groups have both, it also has to do with my tastes in music and my own personality).
    • Anyway, this whole Inkigayo episode has me really excited. There are a TON of special stages going on. 2PM’s Wooyoung and Taecyeon plus SHINee’s Key and Taemin PLUS some mystery guy will do SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish,” some of the girl groups are getting together to perform 2PM’s “Again and Again,” along with Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry,” and a lot of other things. I hope everything turns out well!
  • Lee Chunhee is going to be in a drama! It’s called Smile, You and also features Lee Minjung (who played Jaekyung in Boys Before Flowers). I’m totally perplexed about what kind of role he has right now (is he lead or supporting?) as he is cast as the older brother of LMJ. I guess there will (HOPEFULLY!) be no romance between the two if they’re acting as siblings, but that doesn’t mean that LCH won’t have a decent part to play.
  • CL and Teddy. Who else has been monitoring CL’s OH-SO-ADORABLE crush on her sunbae/oppa Teddy? In one YG Live episode Minji joked that Teddy was a “pretty boy” and CL got really mad and said he wasn’t. Ever since then I have been watching to see how things progress lol. Anyway, I was really surprised to see to see this hilarious picture of CL hugging a doll with Teddy’s face in it (posted earlier). The caption is “in definite view.” !!! Cute. I was even more amused to find out that she said on Dong Dong Radio Survey, “[Teddy] is forever my ideal guy.” :O What’s interesting about this is that Teddy probably knows all this (as they mentioned on radio). I wonder what he thinks? IS IT WRONG TO SHIP REAL PEOPLE?

I have so much more to talk about! It’s gotten to be too much though (I think if there is any more text it will be completely lost upon anyone–including myself), so I’m splitting this post into two. The next post is coming up in a while for now. It’s all written, but I might want to add more soon. Wait for it please!

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