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G-Dragon teases with a song ‘about a boy’s feelings’

August 9, 2009

Hey, I was in the middle of writing up thoughts on that fabulous Inkigayo show that aired in Korea on the 9th (today here, yesterday there) when I saw translations of G-Dragon’s last few me2day updates.


“Urgent announcement! It is only little time left till my album release I’m thinking about whether to reveal a little of one track I shall see from the responses∼Please give suggestions quick^^ … Ahh which song should I start revealing from.. Having a little trouble here hmmm.”

I ran over to his me2day and he DOES have a preview up. HOLY SMOKES. Even if this is a disguised advertising ploy (ala 2NE1 with “Fire”) I do not care. I love how personal it feels coming from GD.

Here’s what he said with the posting of the clip:

“Did it! Though there’s no title yet, what I, Kwon JiYong, thinks, is that it’s a song simply about a boy’s feelings.”

The music sounds AH-mazing. It has a unique sound (for some reason I immediately thought “Coldplay-esque,” although it isn’t quite like that). And his rapping is great; no lies. Not very nasally and the rhythm is good.

People have kindly uploaded the clip to YouTube and transcribed (no translation yet) the few lyrics we’ve heard. You can only hear audio clips on me2day if you have an account (which isn’t too hard to figure out on your own–I did it. However, if you want help, go here for a tutorial), so sign up or sign in if you want to get access to every possible update right away.

Hangul lyrics:

GD your choice drop it on me
밤은 깊었는데 잠은 안오고 늘어난 두통과 싸우고
이러저리 뒤척이다 생각에 잠겨 또 펜을 붙잡고
빼곡히 써내려가는 가사 이 안에 내 철학이 가득하다
뿌연 담배 연기 꽉 찬 내 방 home sweet home 아늑하다

Who else has discovered their excitement has increased exponentially? This song is definitely not a cheap beat. You can tell it has a lot of time and energy put into it… but maybe I’m reading too much from this short clip? I guess knowing that he’s been doing this for so long has influenced my thinking. I suppose I found myself worrying that it would be a disappointment after all this time, but this has given me hope.

Thanks to K Bites and gunsandsmoke@LJ for the me2day translations.

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