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Baek Jiyoung tempts with Taecyeon

August 10, 2009

You should definitely check out the preview for Baek Jiyoung’s newest MV, “내귀에 캔디/My Ear’s Candy.” I’m not hugely into Baek Jiyoung even though I think she’ s a cool gal with a good voice. I have interest in this video for basically one reason: Ok Taecyeon. Yeah, 2PM’s resident (hot) fail-dresser is teaming up with Baek Jiyoung for her comeback.

I love Taecyeon for all he is on his own, but something about his appearance is rather reminiscent TOP, isn’t it? He has the sultry thing going for him. I think this similarity is also evident in this collaboration. Just last summer TOP paired up with Uhm Junghwa for her “DISCO” single. I loved that, and I’m excited about this collab as well. Oh my goodness, I really do love things like this (because I am such a sap).

If you’re into this MV teaser, you will probably go for the preview of these two on Kim Jungeun’s “Chocolate” (airing August 12th). See it here. Some fans are freaking out right now, but I don’t know why. You will never be with your idol, so all the better if you get to see unique sides of his personality. Right?

BJY’s album should be out by the 13th, and I do believe her comeback stage is on the 15th. I’m not positive, but I think Taec is only featured in the music video. However, he will be in all of the music performances. I know, it’s confusing. I guess we’ll find out eventually!

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