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G-Dragon goes mellow with ‘Butterfly’

August 10, 2009

GYAAAA, GD has released another preview of one of his songs! This time it’s the second song on the album, “Butterfly.” I am shocked by how un-Big Bang this song sounds. I think that’s a good thing, actually. It’s really nice to hear a new side of GD.

This is what he wrote about the song on his me2day:

“The second song off my solo album. Butterfly- A song I made while thinking about the uneasiness you feel when love first starts! Close your eyes and think of the person you love when you listen.

I love it I love it I love it. It’s perfectly like that! And who is singing? I know I recognize the voice, but I can’t place it. People keep saying it’s G-Dragon, but there is no way it is. It sounds very clear and unlike any Big Bang member. I wonder if it’s actually an American artist; there isn’t any accent, and didn’t GD go to the US to work on this album at some point?

Anyway, even GD’s singing is perfect for this song. It sounds great. I cannot WAIT. The consensus from netizens? They love it. When only one person in a thread of over a hundred comments says, “It’s not my style,” I think things are looking good (and that’s just a sampling).

Oh, here are the lyrics so far:

It’s all about you, my butter fly
Everytime I come close to you (everytime I’m feeling you)
Feel like I’m gonna dream everytime (I get butterflies check it)
Looking at the sky by chance like
it resembles you when you smile
Uniquely bright girl woo baby

Translation credit goes to dragonsquee at LiveJournal.

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