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G-Dragon continues to tease + tracklist

August 12, 2009

I keep updating on G-Dragon’s music teasers because they’re so exciting! This time up it’s “Heartbreaker.”

A lot of people are saying this sounds like Flo Rida’s “Right Round” which… I actually thought too, before I even heard anyone make this comparison. However, my next thought was that it’s likely to shift gears in the bit just beyond the preview.

Anyway, it’s a cool sounding song so far (despite the similarity between it and “Right Round”). This time, GD says: “The style I’m most confident with?! How is it, do you like it? HEARTBREAKER” He does seem to go for this style the most. I am looking forward to this song as much as the others, although the others have more mystery to them.

What do you want to bet this is the first song? At least the first song after the intro. Here are the translated lyrics:

Finally! Is this what you been waiting for?
Brand-new G.D! I’m all by myself, but it’s all good!
You’re my heartbreaker.
DJ and YG! Let me take this over.
I’m also not second to anyone anywhere. I’m still usable, I haven’t died.
Just because of you, my body has been destroyed, my dream has vanished, my feelings can’t be found.
I’ll sacrifice my body for you. I’ll run to wherever you are. But you always say goodbye and goodbye to me.

All translation credit goes to madein_heaven@LJ.


The title of GD’s album, along with the album art and tracklist are out! PEOPLE: IT’S A FULL ALBUM! Say hello to “Heartbreaker”!

  1. 소년이여 [A Boy]
  2. Heartbreaker [Title song]
  3. Breathe
  4. Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung)
  5. Hello (feat. Sandara)
  6. Gossip Man (feat. Kim Gun Mo)
  7. Korean Dream (feat. TaeYang)
  8. What’s up (feat. Teddy , CL)
  9. She’s Gone (feat. KUSH)
  10. Hollow
  11. 1년 정거장 [Station 1 Year]

DROOOOOL. Seriously–I’m a mess of happiness right now. NEXT WEEK! Check out the creepy album art and preorder this baby on YesAsia right now! I’m actually going to be able to pre-order this. WOOT.

(Also, I don’t want to leave out the fact that I’m sorry that Daesung got hurt in a car accident. It’s good that he is alive though! VERY GOOD. Who else stopped breathing when they saw “Daesung” and “accident” in the same sentence?)

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  1. saranghaeheenim permalink
    August 14, 2009 12:41 am

    ugh it does not sound like it to me.
    it sounds better.
    flo rida sucks.

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