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More GD: ‘The Leaders’ featuring CL & Teddy fully previewed

August 12, 2009

Dear world: I’m pathetically happy right now. Grinning from ear to ear.

Since G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” track was getting a lot of plagiarism accusations (which kind of ARE absurd, considering no one has heard the full song yet), YG decided to fully preview the much awaited GD-Teddy-CL collaboration song, “What’s Up” “The Leaders.” I personally suspect they were going to show this footage anyway, but their current story is pretty good so I’ll go ahead and stick with it.

“What’s Up” was officially previewed 6PM Seoul time, via YG Live. This clip is a MUST-WATCH for anyone who likes Big Bang, 2NE1, or 1TYM… or even if you don’t; it’s too much cuteness in one place–you can’t pass it up! It’s really fun to see these people casually sit together and enjoy the song they all helped create.

There are so many high points of this clip. The most obvious one is that we get to hear the whole song which has a vibe that is AWESOME and in no way Big Bang-ish. It’s a track with one of those hypnotizing beats and very little melody, but that’s what is unique and addictive about it. Everything is a backdrop for the amazing flows spit out by these three people.

Other notable things include:

  • Everyone’s interactions. They all clearly have pretty good relationships, although CL is stuck being the hoobae and therefore seems very reserved and respectful throughout the whole clip. That doesn’t stop her from mirroring GD’s hand movements or giving amazing eye-smiles.
  • G-Dragon. OH MY GOODNESS. I love seeing him like this. He’s like a little kid here! He perfectly lip-syncs his entire verse with hand gesture and all (including one bird that gets blurred lol). Seriously applauding him on being adorable.
  • Teddy: “That’s why [GD] is in Big Bang. He’s smart, you know?” XD
  • During Teddy’s part they show everyone. CL and Teddy are so serious and concentrated then they cut to GD who is grinning like crazy. SO FUNNY.
  • CL seems like she’s disguising and suppressing her excitement when her part comes up. She gives in by the end though, and mouths along to the line, “baddest female.”

Alright, so they do cut off the song a bit at the end, but I think we have the gist of the track. Who else is supremely excited now? I am wondering when my excitement levels will plateau.

Will YG keep releasing previews for GD’s album? There are enough songs to do so. We have heard five so far, and we have more than five left for the five remaining days. Hmm.

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  1. August 14, 2009 12:18 pm

    Yeah! That’s my song along with Boy and Heartbreaker.

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