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Review: G-Dragon’s ‘Gossip Man’ + GD hair update

August 14, 2009

I’m sorry to everyone who doesn’t have an interest in G-Dragon because I am very interested and he’s something I’m continuously updating about lately. OOPS.

It doesn’t help that he’s promoting like crazy. Will his album hold any surprises come Tuesday? Today (or rather, the 14th in Seoul time) G-Dragon put up the full track for “Gossip Man” on his me2day. THE FULL TRACK. I have to review it of course.

Gossip Man: I LOVE IT even from the first few beats. G-DRAGON, you’ve grown up so much. The sound is so mature and well-crafted. The rapping isn’t silly like some others we’ve had to listen to. Gossip man~ Doesn’t this song have a slightly 80’s/early 90’s vibe? What I adore about this song is how it’s upbeat without hammering your brain to death with drum machine stuff. I can also tell that GD has improved with his singing. Either that, or this song is more befitting of his voice (I’d be fine to never hear his version of “Lady” ever again lol). And OMG, Kim Gunmo makes this song even more amazing. Don’t you think? Over all, this song is solid.

Ah, I’m so GD-biased. It must sound like I would like anything G-Dragon would put out, eh? I’m not stretching the truth with this song though. I don’t believe it’s perfect, but I think the sound (from the music to the flow of the lyrics) is very smooth; even then, it’s not so smooth that it feels over-produced. I know when I first started listening to Big Bang, I liked them a LOT but had huge reservations about the quality of their music. As good/catchy/whatever it was, there was a lot of room for improvement. I still feel like this about Big Bang today, but every now and then I am really proud when I am able to easily say “this song is good” and I don’t have to attach a “but” to it. I think every group makes me feel that way.

Did you all hear that G-Dragon has dyed his hair? It’s blonde/bleached. I was wondering how he could top his old looks for his solo project, but this really has taken the cake. It’s a better look than I’d think. I like the pictures of him with silver hair, surprisingly. Maybe we’ll see that next.

I have some simple G-Dragon backgrounds coming in the next post~

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