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Shake up summer, song edition

August 14, 2009

Shake up summer! And I’m sorry; it’s a short one. I’ve been busy for the past few days and I have to drive all day tomorrow. Craaazy week. This post is late, but I hope that’s okay.


The theme today is SONGS! I thought I’d suggest some tracks that aren’t sugary and mainstream.

  • Japanese: Remioromen – Minamikaze: I first heard of this group through 1 Litre of Tears. A few of their songs were featured on the show, and I found myself really liking their sound. The other day I heard “Minamikaze” playing for the credits of something I was watching and I immediately recognized who it was by. This song is the kind of song you can chill out to; it’s not quiet and peaceful, but it still makes me feel relaxed and happy. The chorus of this song is great. I love the melody. Video: Fan MV for an anime series, but you get to hear the song.
  • Korean: Infinite Flow (IF) – Rain Bow : There is so much going on with this song. First of all (to tempt you), it features both Tablo of Epik High and Jongwan of Nell. Two awesomeawesome people. Secondly, the sound of this song is beautiful, poignant, emotional… so many things. I love the mix of haunting and urgent feelings that intertwine and help tell the actual story of the song–which is intense. It’s about two guys who have had feelings for each other since junior high, and now that they’re older one of the two is getting married (presumably to please society). This track isn’t out to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Sometimes it’s nice to have a song that is willing to honest about the nitty gritty things of life. Read the lyric translation here. Video: YouTube audio.
  • Chinese: Carrchy – 日光倾城 [Extremely Beautiful Sunlight]: This group took me by complete surprise. I heard them recommended somewhere and I fell in love with them on my first listen. The music is so amazing and the melodies are gorgeous and GUH, they are the whole package. This song is my absolute favorite on their album (which goes by the same title as this track). It starts out a little weak, but once it builds you feel transported. Where? Who knows. Somewhere off and away from your current position on Earth. It’s people like these that make me want to dedicate thousands of hours to learning Mandarin. (I swear, I’d spend all of my time learning languages if I had the time and resources.) Video : It’s an actual video! It’s a bit boring though, so please don’t judge the song on that.
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