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Review: Brave Brothers’ ‘Attitude’

August 18, 2009


I have to say I was incredibly disappointed when I realized that “Attitude” was not only a mini-album, but a really SHORT mini-album. If you take out the instrumental track for “Invisible,” there are only four songs total–and that’s ignoring the fact that “Interview” is just 27 seconds of talking and “Brave Sound” is only a minute long. Is this eight years of work in the making? I don’t know why I hadn’t heard about the length previously.

That being said, the songs that ARE on this mini-album live up to all I’ve expected.

  1. Interview: I had hoped this was going to be a song, but it’s just people talking about previous Brave Brothers-produced hits, such as Son Dambi’s “Crazy” and “Saturday Night.” It’s still a pretty cool way to start things off. Brave Brothers has gotten a lot of love in the past, and all of it has been deserved.
  2. Brave Sound: This song (despite it being only a 67 seconds long) is pretty good. It has a good, swaggery sense about it that makes it really fun to listen to it. I’m glad this guy is finally making his own music.
  3. Invisible (Feat. Song Dambi & Star Wars): “Invisible” is pretty awesome, I have to say. Son Dambi starts it off with some good old Engrish “invijabull” but it’s overlook-able because she sounds pretty good lol. I’m actually super glad that she only accents the song with a female touch; I like her, but I would be sad if this sounded like Dambi’s song, not Brave Brothers. It has enough power on its own with the male vocals. All I can say is that this is an INCREDIBLY strong dance track that will hopefully get a lot of attention.
  4. Bittersweet (Feat. M, Hyunah, Mabus, Red Roc, Basick): For some reason I thought Minwoo was going to be featured on “Invisible,” but I guess he’s on this track instead. From the first few seconds you can see that “Bittersweet” is going to be an awesome, awesome song. It has so much life to it. It has like a party’s-worth of people featured, but it winds up working. It’s just a great song. Very RnB-ish and smooth.
  5. Invisible (Inst.): I wasn’t going to write about this, but when it came on I was surprised at how awesome the music for this song was.

Even though this is (no offense) a sorry excuse for a mini-album, the songs on here are well-woth the hype. Brave Brothers has done well with his first solo release, and I’ll be looking forward to whatever he does in the future (whether it’s for himself or otherwise).

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