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Review: Big Bang’s ‘BIG BANG’ (Japanese album)

August 20, 2009

(Ya’ll should go check out AA-Chan right now! Alex is having a G-Dragon contest that will result in three winners who will all get the “Heartbreaker” album. AWESOME!)

What a crazy review-filled past few days it’s been. Although I find that to be an excellent thing, because I love having new music to fawn over.

Big Bang - BIG BANG

I can’t say I was excited about this album as G-Dragon’s, but I am looking forward to hearing the new songs. I guess there just isn’t enough power behind most of Big Bang’s Japanese releases. They’re good, but they frankly aren’t as well-crafted as their Korean songs. STILL. After hearing the previews for this album, I know there will be winners among the bunch. Can’t wait to get started!

P.S. I am finding the title of this album HILARIOUS: “Big Bang.” I don’t know. I guess the fact that they’ve had like five hundred million releases here there and everywhere (I currently have 36 Big Bang albums in iTunes) makes the whole self-titled thing seem slightly belated.

  1. Intro: It sounds so cool, like a radio tuning. OMG, I’m getting hyped up! All of their names being rattled off. It’s funny to hear G-Dragon again in this context. IDK WHY! I guess I think it’s odd to have two images of him: the one in BB and now the one of him solo.
  2. ガラガラ GO!!: I still like this song a lot. Sometimes I get it in my head while I’m out and I want to burst out in a random spazz of dancing. I never do, but maybe someday when I screw dignity.
  3. Bringin’ You Love: What’s up Japan~ lol. I like the electronic beat. Baby baby baby! Lady lady lady! HAHA, I’m cracking up. BUT I love the chorus. I lovelovelove it. Is it G-Dragon and Taeyang? I love how GD likes to put “girls desire” in whenever he can. It’s so lame but funny. ANYWAY, this song is on my “good” list.
  4. MY HEAVEN: There isn’t much more I can say about this song that I haven’t said before. Seriously, I must have written four or five separate review on this song already! I do like it more as time goes by, however. It’s that kind of song.
  5. Stay: This song starts out so slow and peacefully. I love how it transitions into an emotional verse. There is a LOT of English, don’t you think? I guess GD and TOP normally rap in English, so it’s not that weird that they should continue to do that. I think I mentioned in my review of the previews that I love the chorus. It’s beautiful. I think the song on the whole isn’t spectacular, but the chorus makes up for it all.
  6. Top Of The World: This song isn’t spectacular, but I still like hearing it. I guess that’s the case for all Big Bang songs, isn’t it? There isn’t nothing wrong with it. It’s just not their best track. Still, it’s good enough to keep playing.
  7. Follow Me: The beginning of this song is so fun! “Follow me follow me follow me.” I guess that’s how the chorus goes. I love all of the singing. Give me lots of Youngbae and I will be a happy girl. The rapping is good too. I think overall this song has a good feel to it. It’s not boring or slow in any way. The lyrics I can understand are a bit odd though lol ^^
  8. Baby Baby (Japanese Version): I cannot believe how many versions of this song there are now! THREE. I love it any way you package it though. BABY BABY BABY! So far this song offends less than the English version, but I think that’s because I don’t know Japanese LMAO. The best version OF COURSE is the original.
  9. Emotion: I still enjoy “Emotion” haha, but I can’t help but think of Lady Gaga when it first starts. I don’t even listen to Lady Gaga! I guess the sound is too similar. But the whole song is its own. Pretty good. It holds up. But I have to say, did they make changes to this song for the new album? I feel like it’s altered slightly.
  10. Love Club: The last new track, wahhh. So sad. I’m glad to know GD loves his “ladies out there” LMAO. I like how this track is starting out. OMGGG YB please sing in English forever (JK because I love his Korean, duh). Big Bang’s English is still corny, but it’s so much better than their “For the World” stuff. THANKS FOR BEING PARTICULAR~ Oh my, I do like this song. Did Taeyang just say “haters”? Oh, I really heart this song.
  11. Always (Japanese Version): Yet another version of “Always” hehe. I like this one. “Always” seems to be one of those songs that can be translated without dying a horrible death. Some songs should stay in the original language, but I always have felt like the English lyrics were a pretty decent fit. I think the Japanese lyrics are the same (at least in sound).

Over all, this was a pretty good album. I am loving all of the new songs on here. They aren’t on par with their Korean songs, but maybe that’s because they’re a different style. Although I must say, even if Big Bang strays from the sound that fits them best, they still work it.

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