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New groups on the rise, f(x) and B2ST

August 25, 2009

Yet another girl group is appearing on the K-pop scene, but this time it’s from the ever-popular SM Entertainment. The group, “f(x)” is touted as the female SHINee, even though one of the girls (Victoria Song) actually posed as SHINee’s nuna in “Nuna Is So Pretty”! I’m just pointing out that they aren’t as youthful in general as their male “counterparts,” although I know that they do have young members on the team. Speaking of members, there will be five in total: Sulli, Luna, Krystal (SNSD Jessica’s sister), Amber and Victoria (who are both Chinese-American).

SM released a preview of their debut song “Latchata” and solo pictures of the girls here.

My first thought is: DUDE, Amber looks like a full-on guy. I can’t wait to see more of her so I can find the feminine side.

Second: They seem like they’re using a lot of ballet-like elements to their dances. I’m really looking forward to seeing what these girls have to offer the K-pop world. I have a feeling they’ll bring something new to the table.

Another exciting group that is about to debut is full of GUYS for once this year. It’s “B2ST” (pronounced “beast,” it stands for “Boys 2 Search the Top”… yeah), the “reject” group. I’m only KIND of joking about that title because B2ST consists of a lot of leftovers. While it does boast of AJ/Lee Kikwang–who was solo for a time with his song “Dancing Shoes”–and one unknown (Yang Youngsub), B2ST also has Jang Hyunseung (who was almost in Big Bang), Yoon Doojoon (almost in One Day/2AM or 2PM), and ex-Xing member Yong Joonhyung.

It seems that a lot of these guys have had their fair share of trouble with the industry already, so I wish the best for them. The only one I know to any extent is Jang Hyunseung (formerly known as SO-1) because I watched the Big Bang documentary. I recall that he was a good singer and that he could dance, but he had “Park Bom” syndrome–he didn’t have enough stage presence. It seems Bom was able to work her way back into the heart of YG and improve, but poor Hyunseung failed… on public television. Ouch.

B2ST fighting! I want to see what they can do. Here is an intro from their documentary that shows each guy dancing (along with name and birthdate). Maybe I should finally watch AJ’s “Dancing Shoes”? It sounds like they’re going to promote a song by the same title… or is the same song entirely? HMM.

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  1. August 25, 2009 7:59 am

    f(x), seriously K-Pop artists names are getting more English and less interesting. I don’t like these “LACHATA” dolls except Amber, she seems to be the only different person because she is a “tomboy” or how SM has modeled her.

    Hopefully, they are the last K-Pop girl group to debut this year. After Super Junior, SNSD and SHINee and even though he is in a lawsuit with DBSK, he still manages to put out a new group. I think SM also put them out at this time so they can possibly win the Newcomer Award

    B2ST, I can’t wait but I can’t believe they literally demoted AJ into a group. I liked him better as a solo artist but I can’t wait to see So-1 again.

  2. August 25, 2009 10:18 pm

    I’m tired of those kinds of names too! Why can’t they use more Korean names? I guess if you are looking to expand into other countries they won’t travel as well, but what’s wrong with proudly sticking by your culture? Who knows.

    Amber does seem really awesome. I’m glad SM is doing something different with her. But really, no more girl groups! My brain is exploding.

    I’m really excited about B2ST. It’s so bizarre that they stuck AJ in a group after he was solo for a while, but groups are what’s popular now. Hopefully he’ll be able to “shine” well in this setting. AND SO-1! I’m sososo glad he finally found a group to belong to. I have always felt very sad about him not getting in Big Bang, despite the fact that I think it was probably for the best.

  3. fierce_marie permalink
    September 27, 2009 2:27 am

    I love Amber! She is so fierce and different from the others members. She caught my attention after I watched their debut stage. Although the other members are also good and I personally like their debut song, they seemed to be late already in the girl group competiton. i hope they can find their own way to the top.

    Well I’m already a big fan of AJ when he was still active as a solo artist and I can’t to see him in a group. I just know So-1 by name but I’m not really familiar with his face. I hope he does better this time.

    Good luck to the new groups!

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