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G-Dragon’s first ‘Heartbreaker/Breathe’ stage (Inkigayo)

August 30, 2009

Hey, I’m sorry for disappearing lately. I might have to continue like this for a bit because school started and I discovered that my place has the crappiest internet connection in the world. I’ll try to get back to normal ASAP!

SO, I’ve been eagerly anticipating G-Dragon’s first solo stage for maybe… forever? Yeah. It’s exciting. I have to talk about it OF COURSE. I even trekked around campus for about an hour with my computer just so I could find a decent connection TO WATCH THIS. Kpop addiction much? Yeah.

WOW, cool way to start, right? With the heart-y looking apple and OMG G-Dragon looks as good (better?) as he did in his video. I love his hair. If only the video I was watching was better quality wahhh. Ooh, the female dancers are the group “Crazy.” I can always recognize them.

I think GD actually sounds really good. I was wondering how his voice would turn out but it’s very bearable and it works well. I don’t know why I’m surprised because he’s always a fantastic performer.

But really, he is able to hold his own on stage. Even though he’s “all by himself” he doesn’t seem like he’s lacking anything.

BREATHE! Wow, interesting stage. OMG, his look is hilarious but awesome. I love it. I haven’t seen him wear a cap like that in foreverrr (on stage). He always looks good like that.

Even though I still don’t feel “Breathe” like I do “Heartbreaker,” I think this stage makes me like it more. I love all the white and the feeling is good. Honestly, GD owns his audience. The skipping on stage was a bit much but I’ll take it XD

Finally, how amazing was his smile at the end? He knows he did well. LOVE IT. A reaaally good performance. I need to see it like 500 more times in HQ, seriously.

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  1. August 31, 2009 6:35 am

    It was amazing, I loved it! Going to learn the Breathe dance. ^_^

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