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Review: f(x)’s ‘LA chA TA”

September 4, 2009

I was trying to wait on posting reviews and everything because I’m still at school where I have a terrible internet connection, but it’s the start of the weekend so I can’t help it. I’ll just post about the MV for this song later (or maybe I won’t; it depends on how good it is).


SM Entertainment’s new girl group, f(x), debuted just a few days ago with their song “LA chA TA.” I know I’m late in talking about it, but better late then never!

LA chA TA: Since I’m cut off from the virtual world for the most part, I still have no idea what “LA chA TA” means. That aside, the song is regular SM style–meaning, it’s catchy with good vocals but you could imagine any other group from the company singing it. I don’t mean that in offense; we all know that SM is a hugely successful company with many good songs. They just stick to the same style for everyone.

Like I was saying though, the song is catchy. It doesn’t grab you from the verses, but that chorus is killer. It’s not crazily addictive, but you can’t forget it after you hear it. It does give me a weird “deja vu” feeling, but I am pretty sure that’s connected to the SM-familiarity thing.

The vocals ARE good, but I do have some gripes. This song would be SO much better if it was straight out sung without any of those cutesy accents on certain words. I don’t if you know what I’m referencing straight off the bat, but listen again and you’ll hear it. I’m sadly not that impressed with Amber’s rapping, either. While the girl is fierce as heck in image, her rap doesn’t have a ton of energy or power.

Over all, however, the song makes for a really enjoyable listen. I think this girl group will go places. At the moment they seem a touch SNSD 2.0, but I have a feeling they’ll branch out as they grow. I think their “male counterparts,” SHINee,” definitely have their own image and I know f(x) can make it there was well. Time will prove me right or wrong.

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