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Review: 4minute’s ‘MUZIK’

September 5, 2009

4minute is really progressing well. There is something so fun about this group, don’t you think? They remind me of the Wonder Girls in that sense. They both have a funky vibe to them, but 4minute has a hugely modern feel no matter what they do. Maybe their music won’t stand the test of time, but for now they are very entertaining.

SO, how about “Muzik”? I love the chorus for this song. I have been into it all week and I’ve yet to get tired of it. It’s not super unique, but sometimes that doesn’t matter. The song on the whole it just very addicting

Members: There is something extremely weird about Hyuna’s rapping. I feel like I should hate it but instead I’m super addicted to it. Jiyoon is fantastic in this song. I love how the video focuses a ton on her and NO SUNGLASSES at times. Looove. The fact that she gets a lot of face time in this video gives me hope for this group. Sure, Hyuna does have her own spotlight here, but we’re starting to even out after the Hyuna-heavy “Hot Issue” era. Speaking of the ex-Wonder Girl, I like Hyuna’s asymmetrical bangs look but I’m not into her other hair. Sohyun is still cute as a button but I wish they kept her younger looking. The bangs don’t work for her image. Jihyun still doesn’t get much camera-time, but she still rocked it. Gayoon is so pretty. I loved seeing her looks throughout the video.

I love “Muzik” because it is quintessential Kpop. You can argue me on this but I really believe it. For me, Kpop is all about the energy. Combine your good energy with a catchy song and a fun dance and you’re good to go, seriously. If you go further and sell your sex appeal like no tomorrow while maintaining a cool concept, you can make it to the top of the charts.

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  1. September 5, 2009 12:59 pm

    Muzik is original and different. I’ll just say what I said in my post here:

    4minute can no longer be compared to 2NE1 or After School. They have their own style now and it rocks! JiYoon seemed to have pushed HyunAh off center stage but even so, JiHyun, the leader needs to be given more spotlight since she is the leader but she is getting a bit more than usual.

    GaYoon and JiYoon, my favourites looked great but I wonder how GaYoon is going to handle the high note for performances. Her and JiYoon seemed to be the center now.

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