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Quintessential Kpop: Mid-August to mid-September

September 13, 2009


I find that whenever there is an influx of new music, there are songs that stand out to me as quintessential Kpop. They’re the whole package: song, dance, and style. Here are three songs being promoted right now that remind me why I love this genre. If I was to tell someone who WASN’T into Kpop what’s good right now, I’d point them to these tracks. Sure, there are some classy acts in the Korean music world, but there isn’t anything quite like an addictive pop song.

  • 4minute – Musik: I know I recently reviewed this, but I have to say again that I love this song. Heck, I like 4minute’s whole set right now–even their clothes. Whenever I see these girls preform this song I feel hugely satisfied in their effort. It’s not Mozart, but that’s what I like. I like getting lost in a song because it’s so catchy. Right now I have NO LIFE because of school, so when I listen to songs like “Musik” I can find a little fun and relaxation.
  • G-Dragon – Heartbreaker: I still can’t get enough of the song OR the video. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a video as many times as I’ve seen this one. The sets are amazing and the choreography is addicting. My favorite part is the second verse. I love how GD says, “hwaga nan ni moksori modungol boyojwo sulpugehae” in the recorded version of the song. I always hope he’ll pronounce “hwaga” the same in live performances but he never does. I don’t think it matters though, because he’s always so dynamic on stage. I think platinum G-Dragon gives off such a Draco Malfoy vibe. Yeah, before Kpop, Harry Potter was my homie. Having them relate somehow in my mind is like an explosion of awesome.
  • Brave Brothers – Invisible: This song is SO epic. I haven’t heard it in for a while and it came up on my iPod today. I was struck by the sheer power of the music. You can listen to the instrumental for this song and still feel like you’re having a good time. I have to say though, having the vocals definitely ups the excitement. When I hear this song I forget everything bad because I’m too into the song. Brave Brothers = my hero.

What recently-released songs stand out to you right now? Am I the only one who gets this hyped over songs like these?

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  1. September 13, 2009 1:13 am

    I never got round to checking the Brave Brothers’ new album. I’ll find it online now! ^^

    I’m definitely a fan of ‘Heartbreaker’ like you, but ‘Breathe’ is probably just ahead of it for me.

  2. September 13, 2009 10:13 am

    I love Heartbreaker and Muzik but Brave Brothers’ Invisible in my opinion was rubbish, I only liked the first 10 secs of what Son Dambi was singing.

    Bittersweet was much better than Invisible.

  3. Ale permalink
    September 13, 2009 7:03 pm

    I totally agree with the Heartbreaker and MUZIK one, but I’ve never heard the Brave Brothers, I’ll be sure to give it a listen soon though! =3

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