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Review: Clazziquai’s ‘Tell Yourself”

September 27, 2009

Clazziquai’s “Tell Yourself” will undoubtedly make you smile! I love Clazziquai’s MVs. This one is no exception! I friggin’ love watching Alex and Horan be the cutest people ever while they show off their ah-mazing voices. This song is happy and fun and the video is bright and cheery.

I have been really bad about music lately. I haven’t kept up with it at all, so favorites like Clazziquai and Epik High (rhyme!) have been neglected. Why is this happening? I’ve been dying for new music, but I don’t feel like I have time enough to devote to something I like so much.

I think if I keep procrastinating I might just take a few listens while doing homework and get back to you on my thoughts. I love to review things right after I hear them for the first few times because the feeling is fresh and full of excitement, but I actually feel slightly overwhelmed by the idea of listening to Epik High’s entire album in one sitting.

Ah, so this is the life of a college junior! I don’t know how I’ll stand being a senior lol. Thanks everyone for sticking by even though my update-rate has slowed considerably. I have been adapting to school life this past month and I can feel myself getting adjusted at to the routine. I think at some point I’ll be able to pop in more. I have several dramas to finish up as well, and then I can plug in some reviews!

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