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2PM’s first ‘I Hate You’ Performance without Jaebum

October 12, 2009

2PM performed without Jaebum at the Dream Concert that just went on a few days ago. A really amazing fancam has appeared and I couldn’t help but comment on it.

Am I just a HUGE sap or was this performance extremely emotional? I was very worried about how the six-member group would be received at the Dream Concert, and I was relieved to hear that they weren’t going to air 2PM’s contributions. I must say I’m even happier now that I see that fans didn’t get hateful during the Jaebum-less performance.

In this fancam of ‘I Hate You,’ you can see how basically everything goes down. It seems normal… but lacking. Jaebum’s lack of presence almost serves as a presence, if that makes sense.

During the chorus I thought Junsu would keep singing his lines straight into Jaebum’s, but they let the back-track go and no one sang the part except the “ghost” of Jaebum. I think that was a very poignant move on behalf of JYP. The moment was made even heavier by the fans screaming out Jay’s name during his part.

FInally, when the lights dimmed Taec shouts, “Jaebum!”


This fancam is very good and I really appreciated seeing how everyone reacted to this awkward situation.

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  1. Perez Christina permalink
    October 12, 2009 9:28 pm

    interesting video

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