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Review: MBLAQ’s ‘Oh Yeah’ MV

October 13, 2009

I don’t really think we need anymore groups, but 2009 seems to be the year for girl and guy groups alike. Females dominated the beginning of the year, but now we’re getting more guys groups.

Rain’s group, “MBLAQ,” didn’t have me very interested until I found out that Sandara Park’s brother was in the group. He was added at the last minute, which I find interesting. I have to admit that his relationship to Dara is basically the only reason I’ve bothered checking out MBLAQ, but any reason works sometimes.

Anyway, I just took a look at their MV for their debut song, “Oh Yeah.” I’m not hooked from the first, but the feeling of the group and the song both prove to be intriguing and they seem to work. I like the rapping style in the beginning (not Rain’s voiceover lol).

One thing that DID strike me a bit was how very 2PM-ish MBLAQ comes across, at least in their “Oh Yeah” video. The acrobatics and “beastly” style seemed to similar for me. Groups tend to resemble someone or other when they first start out though, so I’ll give them time.

Dara’s brother, Sanghyun (who is saddled with the cheesy name of “Thunder”), looks so much like her. I was keeping my eyes sharp for his appearance in the video and WHOA, that was unnecessary. It’s like seeing a male version of Dara on screen.

“Superficial” things aside, I think there is huge potential for this group. They have the right spark and enough decent backing to POSSIBLY put them my radar. Hopefully they won’t get neglected by the ever-busy Rain!

Is anyone else hoping that we’ll see sibling interaction in the future? Do you think it’s going to be weird to have family members in different companies (although this isn’t the first; Hyung Joon of SS501 has a brother in U-Kiss)? Does Rain make a successful producer?

The longer I think about this group, the more interested I become… Oh gosh, I’m so ramble-y here. I apologize. I’m running on about an hour of sleep.

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  1. October 17, 2009 8:28 am

    Lee Joon, Mir and Dara’s younger brother (what’s his name again?) are offically hot.

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