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Fandom on a budget

October 26, 2009

Being next-to-broke is the plight of most students, but it can be a bit saddening for us fans who are constantly reminded of all the shiny posters, photobooks, DVDs, and repackagings we can’t (and probably will never) have.

She probably thought she had just enough for the Super Junior’s SPECIAL EDITION ninetieth repackaging of “Sorry Sorry”

While most of us have one or more groups we really connect to/love, it can be pretty difficult to scrounge up any extra money after (or even IF) you buy the albums you want. I thought I’d share some of cheap and rather silly ways I try be the fangirl I am in all areas of my life. At this age I know I’m not going to frock through fields with CL or sip milkshakes with Onew, but some part of me still likes pretending I could if I wanted to.

FAN-panda_toothbrushholder panda_real

Remember my post about 2NE1’s toothbrush holders? I was ordering something at one of the stores that stocks them and I made the ~plunge~ and got one for my bathroom because I actually did need something like this. There were so many options, but I picked the panda. I’ll give you a virtual cookie if you can guess why (I almost got the koala but I started cackling with fandom-glee when I spotted the panda). It’s a silly purchase and it doesn’t REALLY scream “2NE1” but it definitely makes me feel like a happy little kid when I see it. Isn’t that a good feeling?

FAN-tamtam_lookalike tamtam_real

The second on the list also relates to 2NE1. A few weeks before school started I felt crafty (lol) and made a bear that reminds me of the “Tam Tam” (also known as Dara’s adopted bunny child–CL is the biological 엄마/she made it). I know it’s very UNcreative to do such a blatant copy, but at least I didn’t make it identical 😛 When I moved for school I took this with me and it has made my apartment feel homier somehow. It’s legless-ness makes it really easy to put in the pocket of a bag, which is kind of cute and reminds me a bit of what from Jandi of the Korean Boys Before Flowers would wear. Does anyone else know what I’m referencing?

FAN-GDimage gd_realimage

Another easy thing I did was print out a picture of fashionista-GD and it’s instant sparkle for my room! LOL! It may not be a poster, but it’s semi-custom. Pretty fun and I love being the only one around who knows what the picture actually is. I would actually like to do this all over my room, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. If you want to do this for yourself, I recommend finding a high resolution scan or image and printing it at 300 dpi.

I know I didn’t really give you any tips or tricks, but it still goes to show that you can think of inexpensive ways to brighten up life–in such a manner that relates to fandom. It’s not a “must” to show appreciation for what you like outwardly, but I sure enjoy doing so. Plus, I have fun being subtle; it feels like a secret that only people “in the club” (IN THE CLUB~) know.

How do you show fandom-love on a budget? Do you ever buy weird items because they remind you of your favorite group or a drama you saw? Let me know!

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