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Movie reviews: ‘My Tutor Friend,’ ‘He Was Cool,’ & ‘200 Pound Beauty’

October 26, 2009

I’ve been watching a TON of Korean movies lately. In the past, I was not one to watch movies because every time I did it was disappointing. I felt like a lot of plots would have worked better as dramas (because the movies seemed too condensed), and that just made me give up on them for a while. I recently gave them another try because it’s less of a time commitment to watch a two-hour movie than even a drama with 45-minute or one-hour episodes, because you’re completely done with the whole story in a short time (instead of a drama, where you’re almost committed to watch the entire thing).

SO, here I am with a few reviews. I’m starting to think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make an on-going list for movie reviews, just like I do with dramas. These might be be the basis for a future post like that.

My Tutor Friend, He Was Cool, 200 Pound Beauty
POSTER-My_Tutor_Friend POSTER-He_Was_Cool POSTER-200_Pounds_Beauty

I saw these three movies close together, so I’ll review them first. I’ll bring you more later! I’ll give you a rating out of five for all of them.

  • My Tutor Friend: Starring: Kim Han-eul, Song Sang-woo

    I never quite understood the draw of Kwon Sang-woo, but now I’m guessing it’s because I have just seen him in magazines (looking buff) and with his wife and kid. Cute, but he just screams “ajusshi” to me. I know about a million and one fans are getting their knives ready right now, but cut me a break. I’m picky.

    Anyway, I actually hesitated to watch this because he was in it, but I’m glad I didn’t. This movie was oh-so typical with its formula, but somehow I liked it. I also got to see the famous Kim Han-neul in action, and I can see how she got so popular now.

    Basically, everything about this drama screamed “average” but it WASN’T. It was cute and charming and minimal with the male-abusing-female (note the word MINIMAL and not “non-existent”) themes. The cool people stay cool in this movie and the dorks, dorks; no huge transformations happen, but that’s rather realistic. IDK. I liked this movie enough to give it somewhere in the ballpark of four stars.

  • He Was Cool: Starring: Song Seung-hun, Jung Da-bin

    Out of the three movies, this one has to be my favorite. I have long admired Song Seung-hun from afar, but it was great seeing him in a movie (having him a touch younger didn’t hurt at all, either).

    I saw this a few days ago, so my mind is starting to get fuzzy about the details of things, but from what I remember it was cute because it turned the “bad boy” stereotype on its head. The main guy WAS a rough-and-tough character, but when the main girl accidentally bumped her lips on his, he was completely devoted to her. It’s such a fun idea! At first their relationship is of the oil-and-water nature, but by the end you’re loving them. Cuteness all around! I think this would make a TERRIBLE drama because they’d give you way too much woe-is-me and sacrificial love, but since it was a movie they didn’t have time for all that. The drama-rama that did go on was completely bearable because it was so short-lived.

    I would give this four and a half stars. I did know from the start that the main actress (Jung Da-bin) is no longer with us, but it was nice to see her acting happily in this movie. Some people might not want to watch something that features a person who has died relatively recently, but for me it wasn’t a problem. She was such a good actress that you believed her character entirely.

  • 200 Pound Beauty: Starring: Kim Ah-joong, Kim Rae-won

    This was probably my tenth choice of K-movies to watch, but I couldn’t get any of my higher preferences to stream. I have wanted to watch this forever though, mostly because of it’s controversial nature.

    I have to say that it was pretty entertaining, just like everyone says. Of course, there were the issues that some of criticized it for (such as the insensitivity toward overweight people, especially females), but I think it’s smarter than it’s credited. I could go on and on about specifics, but one thing that stood out to me the most was the issue of plastic surgery. This movie brings up the issue that people demand good looks, but shun the concept of plastic surgery. Sometimes it’s even to the point that people will praise someone over and over until they realize they’ve been under the knife, and then it’s almost as if they are a dirty fraud. People shouldn’t have such double standards. Of course, it’s better to accept yourself as you were born, but if you choose to get plastic surgery I think you shouldn’t be shunned.

    I know that’s not ALL what this movie was about. It really did come down to the idea that one’s personality defines true beauty. However, for some to realize that, physical beauty had to be brought to the front. Even in the end, not everyone was able to understand that the inside is what counts. I guess we all have to learn some things the hard way, eh?

    Honestly though, it wasn’t the BEST movie but it was worth watching. I don’t think it was meant to be hugely thought-provoking, although I happened to take it a bit in that direction. All in all, it was supposed to be entertaining, and that it was. Four stars.

I’m in the middle or almost through with MANY dramas, but once it gets down to the last few episodes I always hesitate before watching because I’ll either: a) feel sad and depressed getting to the end, because most dramas are emotional in the last few episodes, or b) feel the need to watch every single episode in a row and totally miss out on my life-ly duties. When you’re as busy as I feel, the last thing you want to do is spend four or five hours watching a drama, only to feel depressed by the end. LOL! So I’m counting on finding time during Thanksgiving break (late November) for the tying up of loose ends. Expect many reviews around then! In the meantime, I will bring you movie reviews and anything else I can fit in.

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  1. qoobie23 permalink
    October 27, 2009 1:05 am

    i’ve watched “my tutor friend” and “200 pound beauty”, and really enjoyed both. I can’t really remember the details of the former since its been YEARS but i remember it being ‘cool’ but at the same time, sweet.

    200 pound beauty was better then i expect. quite predictable, but [SPOILER BELOW]
    the moment where she tried to sing whilst watching her father being dragged away was really emotional. and that’s hard for me to say cuz i’m a guy 😀

    i wanna watch IRIS, but always can’t find the time!

  2. Austin permalink
    October 27, 2009 2:19 pm

    I never appreciated KSW’s looks but I watched some of his movies because of the actresses he was paired with. I thought 200 pounds was a great movie. I will probably watch He Was Cool because of Jung Da Bin. She was also in the kdrama Attic Cat which is one of my favorites. You might want to watch Il Mare but only if you like the movie Glass House with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. I thought it would be nicer to see the original movie before it got adapted.

    Thank you for the reviews. Keep them coming.

  3. Kristy permalink
    May 2, 2010 2:46 pm

    I havent saw the first one but i saw the second&third one.Its FUNNY&comedy.Haha,its some really nice movie to watch with your family&friends where you can just have fun enjoying watching it(:

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